First “Tiny House” Friendly City!

Spur, Texas officially declares itself as the the first “Tiny House” friendly city in the US! This is HUGE news for all of us tiny house fans. Spur, a small, rural town has come up with an extremely innovative solution to its population shortage: make itself tiny house friendly. Being appreciative of the tiny house [...]

tiny house town spur texas

Tiny House Friendly Town!

What the town of Spur, TX has done is thrilling for the tiny house movement. The mayor has declared Spur as a “Tiny House Friendly Town” and the city council is finalizing an ordinance that makes tiny houses legal. They are so organized, in fact, that they have a website dedicated to this mission. We hope to [...]

MUST Watch! TINY The Movie

In case you have missed all of the recent excitement in the tiny house community, “TINY The Movie” has officially launched into the stratosphere! Upon release on iTunes it quickly bounced up to one of top 5 documentaries. It’s equally popular on Netflix and can be watched as an instant view or rented in hard copy. [...]