Join Us At One Of Our Tiny House Workshop In 2016!!

We are thrilled, delighted, even ecstatic to announce that we are offering a line up of tiny house build workshops starting in February, 2016! Enough people have been asking and for long enough that we finally decided to make it happen. As you may or may not know, Andrew has been teaching construction workshops since 2007 ( […]

Designer Insights and Tiny Houses

Thank you Terry’s Fabrics for contacting us about our thoughts on design! Turns out they have featured over 500 designers in the past and now they wanted to get perspective from a tiny houser. Vive la tiny house revolution!!! Courtesy of: Terrys Fabrics

The Incredible $8,000 Tiny House: Serious Saving Strategies While You Build

We recently posted a story written by Wesley called “The Incredible $8,000 Tiny House“. This post quickly became one of our most popular articles ever. Wesley has even developed a bit of a fan club because after all, who wouldn’t love someone that built a hOMe inspired tiny house for just $8,000!? If you haven’t […]

Live Simple: Tiny House Rentals, Buying, News, and Community

  Today, we’re talking with Brendan Rempel from Live Simple. Brendan’s a Harvard grad and recently retired professional hockey player that has built a community marketplace for tiny houses. After finding the majority of tiny house builders, rentals, and content scattered throughout Facebook and blogs, Brendan decided to build a website to ease the challenge of […]

Building Tiny On A Budget: The Incredible $8,000 Tiny House!

I am pretty excited to introduce you to Wesley Birch who just completed his tiny house. He and his wife purchased the hOMe plans early 2015 and hit the ground running. They modified the plans themselves, customizing them to fit their needs exactly. The end result is the incredible $8,000 tiny house: a pretty darn […]

hOMe Tiny House Model Now In Full Production By EcoCabins

We were approached by Darin Zaruba last October right before Andrew gave his TEDx presentation in Colorado Springs (for an article about that click here). Since that time, we have forged a wonderful friendship and partnership with him and the team at EcoCabins ( We are excited to announce that after many months of co-designing, testing, re-engineering, […]

How To Digitize Pictures: A Guide For Even The Worst Photo Hoarders

Our downsizing journey was honestly so much easier and more enjoyable than I ever could have imagined it to be. Without too much effort we were able to get rid of approximately 95% of our worldly belongings. There was one impending task that filled me with dread though: what to do with nearly 10,000 printed photos. […]