It is with great excitement and joy that we would like to officially announce that the hOMe plans are now available. The plans are a culmination of a huge team effort between an engineering firm, a professional designer, an architect with serious SketchUp know how, and us. Before we brought the plans to you we [...]


*UPDATE: CONGRATULATIONS to Erin and Marianne, the winners of the “WHAT DOES A TINY hOMe MEAN TO ME” #tinyU giveaway! We are so happy they have won!* What? What’s that you say? A giveaway?? If you are anything like me, the idea of winning something really special is enough to make you swoon. Here’s the scoop. We are [...]

Vacuum Video Review Reveal

We have chuckled a few times that one of the most frequently asked questions about our hOMe video tour is “What kind of vacuum WAS that?” In this Tiny House Minute, we give you a full review as well as a real demonstration of how much it sucks. Sorry…couldn’t resist.

The hOMe Cost Reveal

Many of you have asked us in recent days how much it cost to build hOMe. Before I go into the details, I want to be clear that prices vary from region to region. This is true for both labor and materials. As such, the cost details may be slightly different for you than they [...]