protect yourself from housing crises with tiny house

Protect Yourself From Future Housing Crises By Living Tiny

With past housing booms and crashes and the potential, if not probability, for history to repeat itself, many of us in the tiny house world understand these risks and the need to protect yourself from future housing crises by living tiny. We were recently directed by Ryan Mitchell from to an informative article which covers housing trends, the […]

Why Tiny Houses Can Save The World (Or At Least Make It A Little Better)

One of the great benefits of so much attention being placed on the tiny house movement is that it is inspiring a necessary dialogue about housing. Questions revolving around need vs frivolity, how small we can go, debt, environmental stewardship, happiness, relationships, and the future of mankind are being explored in a meaningful way within […]

Tiny/Small House Visionary Community In Quebec

I am quite excited to share the news of a tiny/small housing development in Lantier, Quebec. By combining green construction technology, affordability, a resident work program, community gardens, food forests, greenhouses, playgrounds, daycare facilities, all set in a beautiful rural region just 2 minutes from the town of Lantier (and just 1 hour from Montreal), […]

Never doubt that a small group of

Heartfelt Thank You

THANK YOU The best reward we receive from running is the opportunity to come into contact and create community with so many of you. Truly you are the ones that inspire us to do everything we can to make tiny house living a reality for anyone that wants it. Many of you have taken the time to share your […]

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And The Winner Is…hOMe Plans Giveaway

Thank you to the 1,700+ people that signed up for a chance to win the hOMe plans! We would like to share that the winner of the Total Plans Package is Kurt & Julie Tuthill from Tasmania. Turns out that they have been obsessed with the hOMe plans since coming across the video tour a few months […]