protect yourself from housing crises with tiny house

Protect Yourself From Future Housing Crises By Living Tiny

With past housing booms and crashes and the potential, if not probability, for history to repeat itself, many of us in the tiny house world understand these risks and the need to protect yourself from future housing crises by living tiny. We were recently directed by Ryan Mitchell from to an informative article which covers housing trends, the […]

Why Tiny Houses Can Save The World (Or At Least Make It A Little Better)

One of the great benefits of so much attention being placed on the tiny house movement is that it is inspiring a necessary dialogue about housing. Questions revolving around need vs frivolity, how small we can go, debt, environmental stewardship, happiness, relationships, and the future of mankind are being explored in a meaningful way within […]

Downsizing Without Regrets

Since committing to downsizing and creating the tiny house lifestyle in 2011, we have gotten rid of couches, tables, desks, beds, bedding, towels, kitchen gadgets galore, enough clothes to fill a small clothing boutique, a couple hundred books, tons of sports gear, memorabilia, photos, negatives, slides, old letters, grade school report cards, enough musical instruments […]

Interview With “Small Is Beautiful” Director

“Small Is Beautiful” is a masterfully filmed, scored and edited documentary that plunges deeply into not just the practicalities of tiny house living and building, but also into the emotional processes and nuances that come with the transition to tiny. There is a stillness and sensitivity to this film that invites inner contemplation and reflection […]

Tiny House Lending Is Here

One of the questions we receive from our readers is if loans exist for tiny house construction projects. The answer until recently has been “No” however, tiny house lending is here. Our friend Kai Rostcheck (founder of has also seen a need for loan options and has been pounding the pavement for several months […]

Understanding Zoning And Tiny Houses

There is so much to know about the complexities of tiny house legalization so having an understanding of what zoning laws are vs. what building codes require is important. In this article, Understanding Zoning and Tiny Houses, we invite Jerry McIntire, project manager for Stone’s Throw Ecovillage (an ecovillage in Wisconsin that will include tiny houses) to break […]

Tiny House Survey

Ryan Mitchell from The Tiny Life has put together a survey for the tiny house community. We hope you will take a few minutes to fill it out. It is totally anonymous and the data points collected will be shared with everyone once compiled. You can start the survey on the box below or click […]

Live Tiny, Live Simply

This guest post was written by one of our readers, Tiffany Kresinski “Downsizing” sometimes sounds like a bad word, especially in the “bigger is better” culture we seem to live in. However, my recent experience moving into a smaller home has taught me that the tiny lifestyle is very fulfilling. Downsizing can add simplicity, sustainability, […]