hOMe Tiny House Model Now In Full Production By EcoCabins

We were approached by Darin Zaruba last October right before Andrew gave his TEDx presentation in Colorado Springs (for an article about that click here). Since that time, we have forged a wonderful friendship and partnership with him and the team at EcoCabins (www.EcoCabins.com). We are excited to announce that after many months of co-designing, testing, re-engineering, […]

How To Digitize Pictures: A Guide For Even The Worst Photo Hoarders

Our downsizing journey was honestly so much easier and more enjoyable than I ever could have imagined it to be. Without too much effort we were able to get rid of approximately 95% of our worldly belongings. There was one impending task that filled me with dread though: what to do with nearly 10,000 printed photos. […]

Downsizing Without Regrets

Since committing to downsizing and creating the tiny house lifestyle in 2011, we have gotten rid of couches, tables, desks, beds, bedding, towels, kitchen gadgets galore, enough clothes to fill a small clothing boutique, a couple hundred books, tons of sports gear, memorabilia, photos, negatives, slides, old letters, grade school report cards, enough musical instruments […]

Interview With “Small Is Beautiful” Director

“Small Is Beautiful” is a masterfully filmed, scored and edited documentary that plunges deeply into not just the practicalities of tiny house living and building, but also into the emotional processes and nuances that come with the transition to tiny. There is a stillness and sensitivity to this film that invites inner contemplation and reflection […]

Tiny House Lending Is Here

One of the questions we receive from our readers is if loans exist for tiny house construction projects. The answer until recently has been “No” however, tiny house lending is here. Our friend Kai Rostcheck (founder of www.TinyHouseDating.com) has also seen a need for loan options and has been pounding the pavement for several months […]