Wide Load Tiny Houses: Life Beyond 8’6″

The maximum trailer girth of 8’6″ (102″) has been pummeled into us tiny housers for so long that most of us don’t even consider breaching it when designing our tiny houses. In truth, trailers up to 16′ wide are allowed to be towed down major highways provided all safety measures (permits, flags, pilot cars, etc.) are met. […]

How to Use A Variance To Legalize Your Tiny House: A Case Study

Legalizing tiny houses for full time occupancy is becoming easier as more and more intrepid tiny house lovers are mustering the courage to walk through the doors of their local building and zoning departments. There is a popcorn effect happening in consequence and we are hearing almost weekly about another legalization victory. The success stories all […]

How To Save Your Tiny House From Mold And Moisture Issues

Interior moisture and condensation control is very important in any structure but this topic has special concern to those of us building and living in tiny houses. Because the volume of space we are dealing with is so much smaller, any moisture added has faster and more profound effects on the building, leading to serious […]

Legalizing Your Tiny House: How To Approach Zoning/Building Departments

It’s not everyday that we hear from a Code Enforcement Officer, especially one that is interested in building tiny. So when Jaime wrote to us, I was excited and asked if he would be willing to share his “insider” perspective into the mysterious world of zoning and building departments. In this article you will learn […]

Join Us At One Of Our Tiny House Workshop In 2016!!

We are thrilled, delighted, even ecstatic to announce that we are offering a line up of tiny house build workshops starting in February, 2016! Enough people have been asking and for long enough that we finally decided to make it happen. As you may or may not know, Andrew has been teaching construction workshops since 2007 (www.StrawBale.com) […]

Designer Insights and Tiny Houses

Thank you Terry’s Fabrics for contacting us about our thoughts on design! Turns out they have featured over 500 designers in the past and now they wanted to get perspective from a tiny houser. Vive la tiny house revolution!!! Courtesy of: Terrys Fabrics