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Tiny house living is exciting, rewarding and offers it’s own set of challenges. By implementing some of these ideas, living in a tiny house can be a huge success.

Why Tiny Houses Can Save The World (Or At Least Make It A Little Better)

One of the great benefits of so much attention being placed on the tiny house movement is that it is inspiring a necessary dialogue about housing. Questions revolving around need vs frivolity, how small we can go, debt, environmental stewardship, happiness, relationships, and the future of mankind are being explored in a meaningful way within […]

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Insurance For Tiny Houses In Transit

We have covered an insurance option for those of us in the western states before on our blog (click HERE) but that coverage is only active for parked tiny houses. So, how do you deal with insuring your tiny house when you are moving it? Is there insurance for tiny houses in transit? Our friend […]

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