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hOMe, a modern tiny house on wheels, offers tiny house living without compromise. With everything from a full sized kitchen with conventionally sized appliances, a comfortable set of stairs to the master bedroom, copious amounts of storage throughout, space for a home office for two, storage that works double duty as furniture, and ample head room in the lofts, to a functional bathroom with room for a conventionally sized sink, shower and toilet, hOMe is a comfortable residence suited for full time living. These tiny house plans provide you with the information to build your own hOMe.

The layout of this 207SF (+110SF in lofts) tiny house is open and spacious with tall ceilings while keeping within legal road restrictions (8’6″wide x 13’5″ tall) so that a special transport permit is not required to move it in most locales (please click HERE for US state by state regulations. For international questions on road restrictions please contact your local driving/road department). These tiny house plans are build-ready, and have been engineered and professionally drawn. The hOMe building system was designed with the novice builder in mind by marrying basic building techniques with innovative engineering. There is also the option of buying it prefabricated! Please visit www.EcoCabins.com for more information. 

*We have updated the trailer design for hOMe so that it is a 3 axle design and also offers exposed wheel wells for easier tire changes. The hOMe plans that you purchase now reflect those changes. Your finished product will look slightly different than the one that we personally live in (there will be 3 axles rather than 2 and the wheel wells will be exposed). Other than those changes, everything else looks the same.*

“If it is possible to have a crush on a house, this one has captured my attention” -buttonsandbow-ties

“Yeah. This really is the perfect one” -brittaniejones

Basic Features

  • Full sized kitchen/appliances
  • Easy stairs to master loft
  • Lounge/Guest loft
  • Space for home office
  • Propane Heat Source
  • Composting Toilet for off grid capability
  • Standard sized bathroom sink
  • Can be set up totally off grid or not

  • 207 SF + 110 SF Lofts
  • hOMe on Trailer: 28′ 6″L x 8′ 6″W x 13′ 5″H
  • Insulation Roof: R-25/Walls: R-17
  • Weight: 17,000 Pounds (Engineering estimate)
  • Overall ceiling height at highest point: 10′ 10″
  • Overall ceiling height at lowest point: 9′ 6″
  • Floor to bottom of lofts: 6′ 4″
  • From loft floor to ceiling at highest point: 4′ 2″
  • From loft floor to ceiling at lowest point: 2′ 10″



  • 5 page set of hOMe ARCHITECTURAL PLANS printed on Architectural D (3′ x 2′) paper. Shipping and handling are free internationally.
  • ARCHITECTURAL PLANS INSTANT DOWNLOAD to gain immediate access before your hard copy arrives in the mail.
  • 4 DVD step by step production showing exactly how to build hOMe from start to finish.
  • Step by step short video showing you how to read your hOMe architectural plans.
  • Fully editable SketchUp file for hOMe.
  • Materials list

  • Step by step short video showing you how to read your hOMe architectural plans.
  • Fully editable SketchUp file for hOMe.
  • Materials list


  • Step by step short video showing you how to read your hOMe architectural plans.
  • Materials list

  • Fully editable SketchUp file for hOMe.
  • Materials list


Title Page with:

  • Drawing Index
  • Building Data (Square Feet, Heat Source, etc.)
  • Engineering Design Criteria (the roof, dead load and live load calculations)
  • Symbol Legend and Abbreviation List for plan reading clarity
Building Elevations with:
  • Siding and window conceptual finishes
  • Detail Marker Locations
  • Section Markers
Fully Dimensioned Floor Plan and Loft Plan:
  • Overall Layout
  • Header Size and Location Call Outs
  • Window and door placement
  • Engineered bolt/hold down locations
  • Building Section Call Outs
  • Construction Detail Call Outs
  • Key/Index Notes
  • General Construction Notes
Door Schedule:
  • Size
  • Swing
  • Rough Opening
  • Jamb Size
Window Schedule:
  • Size
  • Count
  • Style
Electrical Plan:
  • Switch and Plug Locations
  • Switch Leg Design/Notation
  • Electrical Panel Location
Wall to Floor Connection Details
Wheel Well Construction Details
Loft Floor to Wall Construction Details
Building Sections with Detail Call Outs and Elevations for:
  • Grade
  • Trailer
  • Floor
  • Loft Floor
  • Plate
  • Roof
Interior Elevations
Stair Construction Details
Tie Down/Anchor Details
Trailer Frame Overview
Loft Floor Framing Plan
Roof Detail Sections:
  • Roofing
  • Frame Elements
  • Interior Finish
  • Insulation
  • Siding
  • Required Engineer Strapping and Nail Locations
Construction Details Showing for the following details:
  • Interior Finish
  • Flashing Elements
  • Trim
  • Siding
  • Overall Construction Detailing
Window Header Details
Window Jamb Details
Window Sill Details
Door Header Details
Door Jamb Details
Door Sill Details


Plans Stamped by Engineer:
  • Engineered Trailer Design
  • Calculated Wind Loads
  • Nearly 30 Specific Engineering Design Parameters
  • Foundation Design for Engineer Recommended Anchor Points (when parked long term)
  • 70 Page Structural Engineering Calculation Book Available on Request


• 3D Scaled Model of hOMe is unlocked and editable

• Exterior Elevations for all sides (maneuverable to tour hOMe exterior)

• Interior Elevations from several angles (maneuverable to tour hOMe interior)

• Building Sections to show framing and interior space relationships

• Detailed Framing Sections

• Dimensioned Framing Layouts for each wall

• Dimensioned Subfloor Layout

• Dimensioned Trailer Floor Frame Layout

• Stair Construction Details

• Dimensioned Rafter Pattern

• Individual Step “Video”


The License Agreement grants you the license to build a single hOMe. If you are a commercial builder and would like rights to build hOMe, please contact us at info@tinyhousebuild.com to discuss your project.

PLAN MEDIA (Digital Files or Printed Copies)

DIGITAL FILES: Digital files will be emailed to you within minutes of your order. Please look in your inbox (or Spam folder if you don’t see the email) after your purchase is complete for the download links. Digital files can then be sent to a printer or blueprint store near you when you need printed plans for bidding and permitting.

PRINTED COPIES: We ship our plans via USPS First Class mail. You can expect to receive them within 7-10 business days in the US, 10-14 to Canada, and anywhere from 10-30 business days internationally (depending on where you are ordering from). SORRY, we don’t ship to South Africa. If you need them sooner than that, we suggest you simply order the Digital products and send them to your local print shop.


Every plans purchase includes a full Materials List. For all construction plans customers, there will also be a bonus short Video teaching how to read hOMe’s construction drawings. If you have never had experience reading drawings, this video is a must watch. The information you learn in this video will also translate to any other set of architectural plans you may need to read in the future. These bonuses will be emailed to you within minutes of your purchase. Please look in your inbox (or Spam folder) for the links.

Plan Sets & Prices

TOTAL PACKAGE (Sketch Up + PRINTED Architectural Plans + Downloadable Plans + How to Read Plans Video + Material List)
$299 (S&H FREE for prints + Downloadable files delivered via email after purchase)

DIGITAL PACKAGE (Sketch Up model + Downloadable Architectural Plans PDF + How to Read Plans Video + Materials List)
$249 (Instant Download delivered via email after purchase)

JUST DIGITAL CONSTRUCTION PLANS (Downloadable Architectural Plans PDF + How to Read Plans Video + Materials List)
$199 (Instant Download delivered via email after purchase)

JUST SKETCH UP FILES (Downloadable Sketch Up+ Materials List)
$99 (Instant Download delivered via email after purchase)

What does hOMe Cost To Build?

The cost of materials to build hOMe in our region (southern Oregon) was $22,744.06 not including cabinetry, composting toilet, fixtures, appliances and furniture. The cost including everything was $33,089.72. For a detailed breakdown in cost as well as suggestions on how to build it for less, please click HERE.

Important Information

All sales on hOMe plans are final. No refunds or exchanges can be given once your order has been placed. If you have any questions about the plans, please feel free to contact us before making the purchase at info@tinyhousebuild.com. If you live outside of the US please find out what your local laws are around tiny house length and weight restrictions. hOMe is too large to be moved on the roads legally in some countries. Please click HERE for US state by state highway trailer restrictions. For international questions on road restrictions please contact your local driving/road department

We offer FREE Shipping and Handling on all of our plans globally. Sorry, we don’t ship to South Africa.

Our plans are available in METRIC as well. Please make your selection on the check out button for the product you intend to purchase. Be aware that the metric version of the plans was created from a design based in imperial measurements. Please be sure to confirm all dimensions before beginning construction. If you live outside the US please do your research to make sure that hOMe is legal to move on the roads (weight and length) before purchasing the plans.

WHAT IS SketchUp?
SketchUp is a 3D modeling program for applications such as architectural, interior design, civil and mechanical engineering, film, and video game design. A freeware version, SketchUp Make, and a paid version with additional functionality, SketchUp Pro, are available. Our SketchUp file allows you to easily alter your hOMe plans to meet your own personal needs in a 3D environment. This allows you to truly simulate the implications of your changes. The free version of SketchUp can be downloaded HERE.

WHICH PLANS SHOULD I BUY? If you plan to build hOMe and want the simplest solution with your plan fulfillment, then the Total Package is the right fit. If you plan to build hOMe and want to save some money on the plans and you have a local print shop that can print the plans on Architectural D paper, then the Digital Package is a great option. If you don’t want to learn how to use SketchUp but want the digital plans to build from, then the Just Digital Plans option is the best fit. Lastly, If you plan to make significant changes to the design then purchasing  the Just SketchUp file may be the best option. This way you can make the changes you need in the 3D model and then either build directly from that (if you have enough building experience to do so) or take the model to a drafter to translate the new design into construction drawings.

Yes. The trailer design is engineered to meet all frame sizing requirements. The overall structure is engineered to handle wind loads of highway driving (at 55mph max). The framing is engineered to meet the requirements of potential loads (snow loads, etc) as far as spans are concerned.

ARE THE hOMe PLANS CODE LEGAL? hOMe is designed to meet standard residential construction codes in the United States with one exception: the insulation envelope may be less than is required in some parts of the country. If you live outside of the US, please do your own research on whether hOMe is legal to move on the roads (from a weight and length standpoint). 

WHAT SIZE VEHICLE DO I NEED TO PULL hOMe/DO I NEED A SPECIAL LICENSE? Because the weight of hOMe is estimated to be around 17,000 pounds without personal contents, chances are you will want to consider a vehicle capable of towing at least 17,000 pounds. This puts you into a one ton pick up. We highly recommend a dually Please verify with your own vehicle’s maximum towing weights before deciding what size truck you will need to pull it.

About Us

A&GWe are a husband/wife team that decided to leave the rat race behind by changing how we live on this planet. Focused on priorities like family, relationships, peace of mind, and living within our means, we challenged ourselves to create a tiny house plan that would meet all of our needs and suffer no compromises. The result manifested into “hOMe”, our modern, tiny house on wheels. It took us 4 months to build and cost $22,000 ($33,000 if we include the high end appliances, cabinetry, furniture, and fixtures). We are now debt free, off grid, joyful, closer as a family, and enjoying living our lives full time in hOMe.









“Just wanted to say we received the plans and just how detailed, meticulous and generally awesome they are!” -J. Winger 

“I just wanted to thank you for your hOMe plans. They are excellent and very professional. I have just received them and I’m just pouring over them! What you did with the walls are genius! I am really looking forward to building. I don’t think I could have bought better suited plans. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness in the plans.” -E. Lind