365 Day Rule For Living Simply

365 Day Rule For Living Simply

365 Day RuleGoing through all of our belongings was incredibly involved.  Our goal was to go through each and every single item in our possession and to make the decision of whether to keep it or toss it, while ending up with no more than 50% of what we started with.  In order to meet this goal, we knew we would have to come up with (and commit to) an effective strategy.  Our policy was simple.  If we hadn’t used it in the last 365 days, we would have to let it go.  No amount of justification would override this rule. This was the basis for our 365 Rule.

The only exception to this rule would be with our heirlooms.  In their case, we would sort through each and every item and choose our favorites.  We realized that we didn’t need 18 childhood books to capture the essence of our childhoods.  Just four would do.  We didn’t need 147 letters from our teenage years, just a couple dozen would surely be sufficient.

So, page by page, item by item, we went through every single one of our belongings.  I feel like I am so much more aware now of the things that I am choosing to surround myself with.  As a consequence, I feel like we are living our lives with more intention and clarity and this awareness feels empowering.  At the end of the process we succeeded in thinning out our belongings by over 50%.

We had a three day moving sale and raised enough money ridding ourselves of our excess to completely fund our four month trip to Baja.  It was surprisingly easy to sell our things and emotionally I felt freer than I have in a very long time.


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