5 Remodeling Projects to Increase a Tiny Home’s Value

Increasing your tiny home value is easier than you may think. It just takes a simple remodeling project or two. Homeowners are sometimes shocked that small additions such as updating wallpaper or a new roof can help to increase their property’s appeal, livability, and value. These easy additions are a great way to get more return on your investment when the time comes.

We share five remodeling projects that tiny homeowners can complete to help improve their outlook when wishing to sell their home or simply improve it.

Remodeling Projects To Increase A Tiny Home’s Value

1) Renovating Walls

While wallpaper can be vibrant decor, not everyone wants it on their walls. So if you're planning to sell, one way to improve a tiny home's appeal and even value is by taking the wallpaper down and replacing it with something more modern. This could be a fresh coat of paint, new paper, or even wall panels.

One thing you may have to do when you remove the wallpaper is to plan on repairing drywall after wallpaper removal. This is especially important in a tiny home since it'll ensure your walls can handle anything you need to hang on them after that.

Remember that light colors help spaces to seem larger and that by adding details like mirrors, and extra lighting against walls, you can make any tiny house feel more spacious.  

2) Home Exterior

The exterior of your home is the first impression potential buyers or guests have. You want it to be inviting. The right siding choice can go a long way in achieving curb appeal.

But it also needs to be durable. This is especially important in tiny homes, where you may have to move your house to change its location: meaning its siding will need to deal with strong winds that come from highway driving. Fortunately, there are many low-maintenance options.

Overall this is a great way to easily spruce up the outside of the home and increase the value. 

You also might want to consider checking out the color combos that are trending for fresh design ideas. White houses with black trims are popular in 2022 and give you an opportunity to update your tiny home's look easily.

Some potential tiny homeowners think they're limited in style and design. But the reality is you can make a small space look like anything you want with a bit of creativity.

3. Vaulting Your Ceilings or Adding a Dormer

One of the most significant design issues with tiny homes is obviously limited square footage: so adding more vertical space can be a game-changer. Adding a dormer can create a more comfortable space in a sleeping loft. Similarly, vaulting your ceiling can create additional usable room to create a new loft space, add storage, or create a greater sense of spaciousness.

Creating a new vaulted ceiling makes the most sense for foundation-based tiny houses while adding a dormer is more suitable for a home on wheels.

In tiny homes, either option can cost between two thousand to ten thousand dollars depending on the type of roof, whatever features you want to add, and the type of existing roof. This is far cheaper to complete yourself, but it's vital to keep in mind that your final product may have to be able to survive being driven or transported and needs to be high-quality construction.

Alternatively, you can add a large skylight to create a more open, airy interior feel.

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4. Expand the Space Outdoors

Tiny homes can seem far larger if you make changes that let in light and expand your indoor/outdoor living space. For instance, adding more large hurricane-resistant windows let in a lot of natural light, giving your house a completely refreshed look. Additionally, you can even create a patio or deck to double your square footage and create more entertaining flexibility for hosting guests. This can be done relatively seamlessly with French doors or a large opening window to create a two-sided bar—one in and one outside your tiny home.

A detachable covered deck & screened-in porch - click to get the plans!

5. New Flooring

The flooring of a tiny house is essential for a well-functioning and beautiful-looking home. It's also another critical aspect that potential buyers will look at. If you're considering selling, you want to have a solid-looking floor that is appealing. 

Carpeting is a good option for specific areas, like sleeping lofts, but not common. Instead, popular options include the latest vinyl flooring, hardwood, or even laminate. Tile is another great addition to certain areas, such as bathrooms or kitchen areas.

In tiny homes, it's vital that you pick a type of flooring that's strong and can handle heavy wear and tear because limited square footage means high daily foot traffic. 

To further improve the value and comfort of your flooring, you might want to consider installing radiant floor heating

A Tiny House Doesn’t Have to Stay the Same.

You can truly add value and comfort to your tiny home with simple additions by professional installation technicians or DIY remodeling projects. These are just a few ideas, but there are many other small  & big ways to refresh your space.

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