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Tiny House Tools: TinyHouseBuild.com Digital Workshop

Tiny House Tools: TinyHouseBuild.com Digital Workshop Tiny house tools are perhaps the first purchase you’ll make once you’ve decided to build your own home. Of course, the phrase “tiny house tools” makes it seem like there are tools specific just to tiny houses. In reality, that’s not the case, even though there may be some […]

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When it comes to composting toilet questions, we've heard them all...we think!

All the Composting Toilet Questions You’ve Been Afraid to Ask

ALL THE COMPOSTING TOILET QUESTIONS YOU’VE BEEN AFRAID TO ASK  Read any Separett (or other composting toilet) review and you’ll see run-of-the-mill questions followed by G-rated answers. Despite the obvious fact that everybody poops, most people are squeamish when it comes to this topic…lucky for you we’re not lol! So if you’ve been delaying getting […]

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TinyHousePlans.com is Live!

We’re excited to share that our brand new website TinyHousePlans.com is live! Before this launch, there was no central site from which to browse for tried-and-true plans, making the search sometimes tedious and time consuming. So we, along with our good friend BA Norrgard (a tiny house leader and advocate herself), reached out to some of the world’s best […]

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