And Then There Was Oscar…

And Then There Was Oscar…

And Then There Was OscarAnd then there was Oscar…I am in love.  Completely, head over heels in love with our 12 week old puppy we adopted at the end of December.  The day we first met him he was the most depressed puppy we have ever seen, hiding underneath anything he could find, too terrified to approach anyone.  Today we are one big happy clan and there is no question that he is completely bonded to us.  He is pure joy and each day is better than the next.  He is a prince and even allows us to sleep through the night, stirring as little as possible as he sleeps so as not to disturb us.

I didn’t know it was possible to enjoy raising a puppy as much as I have been.  I’ve never been in a position while raising one to be able to give them so much time and energy.  Without being in a hurry and rushing off to the next thing, we can be here to catch all of his triumphs and new experiences.

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