Going Wide with Your Tiny House

Excerpt From Our Digital Tiny House Workshop Today’s short and sweet episode from our digital workshop covers considerations wide load tiny houses. Having visited hundreds of different tiny houses now, we can say that some of our favorites have been on trailers wider than 8’6″. Going just a tad wider than normal, Traci was able…

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How to Tow a Tiny House

how to tow a tiny house

Excerpt From Our Digital Tiny House Workshop One of the worries most future tiny housers share is if they can tow it themselves. Though we can’t answer that question for you, we can say that the majority of the tiny house movement is comprised of people with no previous building or professional driving experience. Every…

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Tiny House Design & Engineering

Excerpt From Our Digital Tiny House Workshop A happy tiny house life truly begins with a well-thought-out and safe design; get this right and you’ll be basking in the glow of your beautiful home for years to come. Get it wrong though, and you’ll be planning your future remodels before you’ve even moved in! So,…

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