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Join Us at the Tiny House Conference 2017!

We hope you’ll join us at the Tiny House Conference April 8-9, 2017! Over the course of two days (three if you include Friday’s “Tool School”) you’ll have the opportunity of attending presentations by numerous tiny house experts (Andrew included!) and learn about all things relating to tiny house living and construction. SOME TOPICS COVERED  […]

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tiny house financing

Tiny House Financing Life Hack!

Finding tiny house financing for a self-build isn’t always easy. Regular real estate lending companies haven’t quite yet come up with a solution that’s affordable and fair. Private lender options require collateral and often demand high interest rates. Standard credit card companies aren’t generally a viable option either because their spending limits are normally below […]

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using architectural scale to draw plan

How To Create Your Own Tiny House Floor Plan

In Part 1 of our design series, we covered best tiny house interior design practices. Now, in this article, How To Create Your Own Tiny House Floor Plan, we cover the steps to crafting a detailed and beautiful custom floor plan. Creating your tiny house floor plan by hand can be a really rewarding and […]

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