Baja Bound: Adios USA

Baja Bound: Adios USA

Baja BoundAfter nearly eight weeks of intense preparation, hustle, bustle and more to-do lists than you can shake a stick at, we have shoved off from the peaceful and familiar haven of Ashland, Oregon and Baja bound.  I’d love to say that we are feeling high states of elation and celebration, however, the mood is more somber and anxious than anything else, at least in this moment.

The last few weeks have been intense with all of the necessary preparations for our trip.  We’ve been running on overdrive in a fierce commitment to stick today, our planned departure date.  We haven’t been getting much rest and haven’t taken the time to stop and relax to recharge our inner battery stores.

So, as we are driving away and with each passing mile that we are further from Ashland, it has yet to hit me that we have actually left.  It may take some time for it to settle in and perhaps the change in scenery as we migrate south will provide visual cues to solidify that in fact we have departed and are finally Baja bound.

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