Couple’s DIY Timber Frame Tiny House

Meet Edwin and Clara, who built an incredible timber frame tiny house built with reclaimed wood from wildfire devastation. After deciding to leave their unfulfilling city life to embrace a simpler way of life, they spent three years helping family friends rebuild. Edwin and Clara worked with them to rebuild their wildfire devastated large timber…

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Claudia’s DIY Ram ProMaster Van Conversion

Meet Claudia, who successfully completed a Ram ProMaster van conversion. She designed and built an exceptional van dwelling with no prior building experience. Impressively, she did it all while on the road in street corners, home improvement parking lots, and parks. That, of course, made it interesting. Challenges of building out a van from the…

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Tiny House Build Mistakes to Avoid

tiny house build

Share on Facebook Facebook Share on Pinterest Pinterest Share on Reddit Reddit Share on Twitter Twitter When building your tiny house, you are likely to make mistakes. That’s just a fact; not to worry! Most issues can be fixed, but preparation is key to avoid as many as possible from the start. It is pretty…

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