6 Tiny House Window Options

tiny house window options

Sharing a wide range of tiny house window options for your consideration.  If you’re interested in alternative homes and unique living situations, tiny houses are right up your alley. They don’t cost much to acquire and are the perfect complement to a minimalist lifestyle, allowing you to cut costs while living comfortably. But, if you’re…

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Intro to Shipping Container Home Conversions

shipping container home

Share on Facebook Facebook Share on Pinterest Pinterest Share on Reddit Reddit Share on Twitter Twitter Ready to take on a shipping container home conversion? Shipping container homes have been a growing global trend over the last few years. Due to their simplicity and convenient size, architects find it very easy to be innovative in…

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How to Tow a Tiny House

how to tow a tiny house

Excerpt From Our Digital Tiny House Workshop One of the worries most future tiny housers share is if they can tow it themselves. Though we can’t answer that question for you, we can say that the majority of the tiny house movement is comprised of people with no previous building or professional driving experience. Every…

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