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The process of homesteading a piece of land is challenging, rewarding, and exciting. Every piece of land is different and requires it’s own unique touches. Getting in touch with what it needs is half of the challenge.

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How to Downsize and Transition to Tiny

HOW TO DOWNSIZE AND TRANSITION TO TINY  Have you started your downsizing journey yet? If not, are you wondering where to begin? Or perhaps even a little nervous about it? We can help! In our initial downsizing process we sure were worried, which in retrospect honestly seems adorable, but we can say that the lessons learned through the […]

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Are Composting Toilets Legal in Tiny Houses?

If you’ve been asking yourself are composting toilets legal in tiny houses, you’re not alone. Our friend Richard Brunt, who we purchased our Separett composting toilet from a few years ago, wrote this article to discuss the legalities. Composting toilets allow many of us tiny housers to have a safe way to manage our waste […]

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Separett composting toilet

Composting Toilet Options For Tiny Houses

One just never appreciates the vital nature of a well functioning toilet until theirs doesn’t work properly. We have gone through not just one, but two composting toilets for hOMe. Granted there are 3 of us living in it full time so I suppose we will put any toilet system to its full test. The […]

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Scary Moments In Building (And Why I Wouldn’t Trade Them)

A fresh blanket of 15″ pure white snow greeted us at our homestead yesterday. Unable to make it up our driveway in our car despite studded tires, chains and three attempts, we hiked our provisions up our 1,500′ driveway. ¬†We had just bought sleds in town for some fun zipping down our hillside, but before […]

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