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Tiny House Build Posts That Do Not Fit Nicely Into Any Other Category

tiny house digital workshop video rules of the road

Rules of the Road: Digital Workshop

RULES OF THE ROAD: Digital Workshop Knowing just what the rules of the road are is important when you tow your tiny house; will you be overweight, too long, or too long are all questions you want to consider. In this episode of our Digital Tiny House workshop, we walk you through those parameters […]

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how to tow a tiny house

How to Tow a Tiny House: Digital Workshop

How to Tow a Tiny House: Digital Workshop One of the worries most future tiny housers share is if they can tow it themselves. Though we can’t answer that question for you, we can say that the majority of the tiny house movement is comprised of people with no previous building or professional driving […]

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When it comes to composting toilet questions, we've heard them all...we think!

All the Composting Toilet Questions You’ve Been Afraid to Ask

ALL THE COMPOSTING TOILET QUESTIONS YOU’VE BEEN AFRAID TO ASK  Read any Separett (or other composting toilet) review and you’ll see run-of-the-mill questions followed by G-rated answers. Despite the obvious fact that everybody poops, most people are squeamish when it comes to this topic…lucky for you we’re not lol! So if you’ve been delaying getting […]

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