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Join Us at the Tiny House Conference 2017!

We hope you’ll join us at the Tiny House Conference April 8-9, 2017! Over the course of two days (three if you include Friday’s “Tool School”) you’ll have the opportunity of attending presentations by numerous tiny house experts (Andrew included!) and learn about all things relating to tiny house living and construction. SOME TOPICS COVERED  […]

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Andrew Morrison tiny house workshop

Los Angeles and Atlanta Tiny House Workshops Announcement

Boy, when we offered our first tiny house workshop over Valentine’s weekend in Orlando this year, we didn’t have any idea how amazing of an experience it would turn out to be or how much we would love it. Since then, we’ve taught in Denver, San Francisco, St. Louis, Philly, and Portland, OR. Nearly every […]

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New Tiny House Workshop Schedule: Philly, St Louis, MO, and Portland, OR

We launched our tiny house workshops a few months ago and they’ve been such a positive experience that we have added three more locations and dates! Our inaugural workshops in Orlando and Denver were an absolute blast and we are really looking forward to our upcoming San Francisco one as well. Our biggest take away from our experience so […]

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