Claudia’s DIY Ram ProMaster Van Conversion

Meet Claudia, who successfully completed a Ram ProMaster van conversion.

She designed and built an exceptional van dwelling with no prior building experience. Impressively, she did it all while on the road in street corners, home improvement parking lots, and parks. That, of course, made it interesting.

Challenges of building out a van from the road:

"You can't do pieces of a project the way that you normally would; oh, I'll work on paint today, or I'll work on knobs today. You can't do that. You have to say, 'Ok am I working on the closet?' Build the whole closet. Go. And so the challenge is completing projects while you're on the road.

And then the weather. You're building outside. There's no cover; there's nowhere to keep anything other than inside with you. Having to overcome that was a big challenge."

-Claudia, DIY builder & multitalented consultant

Her Ram ProMaster Van Conversion Story

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Inside Claudia's Fabulous Ram ProMaster Van Conversion

How did she create a comfortable tiny home via Ram ProMaster van conversion? For starters, Claudia was aided by extra height. She chose a 3500 model with a high-top. That means a 6' 2" person can easily stand up inside. Importantly, every extra inch makes a huge difference!

She used her experience in space design and professional organization to craft an exceptionally space-efficient home. Storage is completely maximized, too, for all things practical and fancy. Further, she created an inventive two-sided Murphy bed. It enables her to have a comfy living room and a ready-made bed that easily folds down. Watch the tour video below to see it in action!

Additionally, Claudia's Ram Promaster van conversion also features a full bathroom, a 'piano desk,' and an excellent 'walk-in closet.' She proves you can have a fabulous, extensive wardrobe even in the tiniest of homes.

Follow Claudia and her incredible van on Instagram: @rolling_resilience

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