Couple’s DIY Timber Frame Tiny House

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Meet Edwin and Clara, who built an incredible timber frame tiny house built with reclaimed wood from wildfire devastation.

After deciding to leave their unfulfilling city life to embrace a simpler way of life, they spent three years helping family friends rebuild. Edwin and Clara worked with them to rebuild their wildfire devastated large timber frame house and homestead. During that time, this young couple learned to work together as a team, mill trees, and all about timber framing.

Timber frame construction has a long history as a traditional building practice worldwide. As the Timber Framers Guild explains, one of the most defining timber frame elements is its unique joinery. Heavy timber is joined together via mortises and tenons carved out of the ends of the timbers, so they perfectly fit together like puzzle pieces.


What others should know about building a tiny house:

"One of the things I would love to share with people is it takes a level of commitment that will draw a lot of time, energy, resources from your life. So it's a big commitment, and it's not easy. And there's a lot of hustle and grind every day to make it happen. If you're willing to do that and put that out there, then that's when people come in to help you, and your community will come to help you, and even random manifestations start showing up."

-Clara, @tinyhomewildadventures

Clara and Edwin's DIY timber frame tiny home is 8.5-feet by 24-feet, making it approximately 264 square feet. Again, they built it using timber framing techniques creating a beautiful bold appearance with intricately carved beams.

timber frame tiny houseWhat also makes their tiny house so striking is their multifunctional sleeping area. This unique elevated bedroom utilizes a couple of extra feet cantilevered over the trailer tongue. It's accessed through a sturdy pull-out ladder, and underneath is a clothing and utility closet. Additionally, two 6-foot long drawers are on either side of the bed platform.

In front of the bed is a large open floor area, situated between their two sets of double doors. This originally came about from their desire to have a yoga space. Dedicating 8'x8' of open space is a big ask in a tiny home, but they're so happy they did for the open feeling it provides. Clara and Edwin lounge in two hanging chairs that easily tuck away when not in use instead of a couch.


Follow Edwin & Clara's adventures on Instagram and reach out if you want them to build you a timber frame tiny house: @tinyhomewildadventures.

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