How to Design Your Dream Tiny House

How to Design Your Dream Tiny House

Are you ready for an easy list of tiny house design resources and to learn how to design your dream tiny house? Well then we are here to help!  When we started designing hOMe, we were overwhelmed beyond measure. Even though we had experience with regular sized houses, creating a tiny version was a whole other bag. Just when we would think we were done, we would realize we had failed to include something important (like our fridge in one version)!

We learned a trick or two in the process and are happy to share our secrets. See below for your free links! 

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If you only have time for one article right now, read THIS one. In it we lay out 3 design strategies that are super simple but SUPER effective. 

tiny house interior designWANT TO LEARN MORE? 

In these articles you’ll go deeper into the actual nitty-gritty of how to design your tiny house. We wish we’d had these resources when we started designing! 🙂

Best Tiny House Design Practices
How to Create a Tiny House Floor Plan


Once you start designing each area/zone in your tiny house, these resources will literally save you dozens of hours in research:  

Top 3 Tiny Kitchen Layouts
13 Steps to Your Dream Tiny House Kitchen
Tiny House Appliances: Ranges & Ovens
Tiny House Appliances: Refrigerators
Top 5 Furniture Options for Tiny Houses
Wide Load Tiny Houses: Life Beyond 8’6″
Ridiculously Easy Loft Ladders
Gain 9″ of Head Space in Your Tiny House


We hope you learned a lot about how to design a tiny house in this article! If you would like to learn more about how to build your own tiny house while saving tens of thousands of dollars, we invite you to sign up for our FREE 7 Day E-Course! Find out more HERE.

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