Tiny House Resources

Tiny House Resources

We have been teaching people hands on how to build their own houses since 2004. In the process we have seen hundreds with no previous building experience hand craft their own dream homes. With support, determination, commitment and the right resources, the possibility of building one’s own home can become a reality. Below is a list of our favorite DIY resources. We have read through each of these tiny house resources and can personally vouch for them. Your purchase through clicking on these links helps to offset some of our operating costs. Thank you!


LIVING THE SUSTAINABLE TINY LIFE: This is a wonderful e-book written by Vera Struck. One of the pieces that many often miss is that experiencing a truly successful tiny house experience requires more than simply moving into smaller square footage. A change in lifestyle and awareness is also necessary for the best results. Vera’s workbook takes readers through various pertinent and important exercises that will best prepare them for an amazing new life. It’s obvious that she has learned a lot from her life experiences and making her own move to tiny, so she’s a great author to put this all together. The workbook would have been helpful for us when we got started on our own tiny house and downsizing journey!! You can find out more HERE

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Cracking The Code

CRACKING THE CODE: If you have been wondering about the legalities, building codes and zoning issues for tiny houses, this is the best resource out there. Written by Ryan Mitchell, this guide is designed to help you logically navigate all the red tape when it comes to housing. He has designed this ebook to help you quickly familiarize yourself with some of the key bureaucratic road blocks, suggest possible pathways to building your home from the legal perspective, and several strategies to make it a success. For those who purchases this they will also get pages of reference materials and free updates on future versions! Please note this is an electronic book, not a physical book.

tiny house magazineTINY HOUSE MAGAZINE If you can’t get enough information about tiny houses and you love looking at beautiful images and reading motivational stories about the tiny lifestyle, you will love Tiny House Magazine. We have the honor of being regular contributors to the publication. The editor is Kent Griswold of TinyHouseBlog.com and he knows a thing or two about the tiny house movement having been there pretty much from the beginning. Each issue costs just $3.99 and you can purchase back issues as well if you have missed any. It is delivered electronically so instant gratification is just moments away!

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GAINING CORPORATE SPONSORS FOR YOUR TINY HOUSE BUILD: Is money holding you back from building your dream tiny house? Well, here may be just the perfect solution for you. In this revealing book, Andrew Odom shows step by step, how you can gain sponsorship from businesses to help fund your own tiny house build. We only wished we had read this before we had started our own build. In this book you will read success stories from people that received free building materials, resources and even construction help. All from businesses who were happy to be a part of the project and to get a chance to tap into the tiny house movement. Truly, this is a must read!

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A TINY HOUSE STORY: Macy Miller of MiniMotives.com wrote this wonderful ebook. It is a compilation of 300+ posts condensed into 50 pages. In her words: This book covers all aspects of ‘what’ I did in my house, a lot of the ‘why’s’ and some of the ‘hows’ (for more information on the ‘hows’ there is a search bar at the top of my homepage, I have tried to be very conscientious of categorizing my whole site so it is easily searched through for information).  At the time I wrote this I just hit my one year anniversary of living in the house, this includes some thoughts on living here, pros and cons.  I have included a few lessons learned and suggestions on how I could have done things differently, better.  There are design tips and strategies, construction safety tips and plenty of pictures of the process.