Early Bird discount ending soon for Seattle & Boston tiny house workshops! We would LOVE to have your company at either our Seattle or Boston workshop! Our events just seem to get better and better and because we love sharing everything we’ve learned about building and living tiny, we look forward to each workshop with so much excitement!

We want you to benefit from the mistakes we made along our own personal journey (which began in earnest in 2009) so that your own tiny house experience can be not only as time and money efficient as possible, but as FUN and REWARDING as it can possibly be.

Our two day tiny house workshops are dynamic, engaging, interactive, and many people leave having made wonderful new friendships with other class mates. We can say that for us personally, we have made some new truly incredible connections…friends that we feel we have known for years and that we will stay connected with for many to come. So, we hope you will come and be a part of our tiny house workshop experience…it won’t be the same without you! 🙂

Early Bird discounts ending soon on Seattle Our Seattle workshop occurs Sep. 9 & 10. That Early Bird pricing ends Aug. 9 (so in just a few days). After that point, tuition will go up by $100. 

The Boston workshop will take place a couple days after Andrew gives a presentation to the Mass State building codes officials who are keen to adopt the tiny house appendix we co-authored (SOOOO exciting as it would be a state wide adoption).

Early Bird discounts ending soon on BostonWorkshop dates for Boston: Sep. 16 & 17 with Early Bird pricing ending on 8/16.

Keep in mind that all participant sign ups will receive over $300 in instant download bonuses (the entire suite of hOMe plans and videos as well as our How to Be A Contractor training program). So when you sign up it’s like receiving our hOMe plans package plus a FREE live workshop!!

Also, when two or more people sign up at the same time, there is a $50 discount per person. Bring all of your questions and join us…we’d love to host you! 

To find out more, please click HERE

Early Bird discounts ending soon on Seattle & Boston

Congratulations to our most recent graduating class: Cologne, Germany!!

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