Going Wide with Your Tiny House

Excerpt From Our Digital Tiny House Workshop

Today's short and sweet episode from our digital workshop covers considerations wide load tiny houses. Having visited hundreds of different tiny houses now, we can say that some of our favorites have been on trailers wider than 8'6".

extra wide tiny house

Going just a tad wider than normal, Traci was able to easily incorporate a downstairs bedroom.

A 10' wide trailer seems to be the magic number, striking a great balance between added high-value square footage and ease of towing. Getting permits for wide loads 10' and under is easy and pretty affordable (typically $35 per state line crossed). It also doesn't cost much more to build a slightly wider trailer or to finish out the space.

One of our favorite perks of a wide load tiny house is the ability to place the bedroom on the ground floor. No more sore knees from crawling around in a loft, and no more crouching over while getting dressed and moving around. It also becomes easier to add luxury items such as a nice-sized soaker tub, large dining room table, bigger appliances, etc.

The key is to strike the right balance between cost and ease of towing; above 10' width quickly adds headaches. Eventually, you end up needing a pilot vehicle, being restricted to driving through certain areas at specific times and having to pay much higher fees for towing.

How about you? What do you think is the ideal movable tiny house width? Do you like the standard 8'6" tiny house, one that's 10', or one even bigger than that? Let us know!

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