Home, Sweet Home??

Home, Sweet Home??

Home, Sweet Home??And just like that we are in a rental house in Ashland, Oregon (where our story began).  What a wild trip it’s been.  I’m still spinning from the hustle and bustle.  We’ve been swamped the last few weeks and I’d be lying if I said that it’s been an enjoyable process.  Pulling ourselves from our peaceful and quiet existence in Baja and landing with both feet into full-speed, suburban living has been jarring and unsettling.  It has taken a lot of communication and reaching out for support to stay somewhat sane while going through the process of re-acclimating to our ‘normal’ life.

The process of finding a house to rent was intense.  We arrived at a time when the rental market was flooded by too many people looking for homes with far too few rentals to meet the demand.  We were looking for a 900 sq. ft. residence in town but there was no such creature to be found (other than one which had a line of would-be renters standing outside waiting their turn to view the property).  So as our enthusiasm waned and we became more desperate to simply find a house, any house to move into (we had now been on the road and couch surfing for about 3 weeks since leaving Baja), our criteria changed.

In the end we found a 1,300 sq. ft. single-family residence.  It’s much bigger than we wanted, however it has actually worked out perfectly for the interim.  Since we’ve moved in, we have been pleasantly surprised by how nice this neighborhood is.  For the time being this will be perfect.  We’re finding that the whole situation supports us in working towards our dream of building our very own straw bale home on our own piece of land.

It has become crystal clear that we want to purchase our own land and we are taking active steps in that direction.  We have created a strict budget (first time ever living with one of those!) and we are sticking to it because we know that each penny saved now will go towards the purchase of land in the not too distant future.  So far, we’ve really enjoyed the process of creating and implementing this budget.

We have also started the process of designing our dream home.  We are really challenging all of the components that make up a house (square footage, bedroom sizes, etc.) to be certain that we are not letting old habits and conditioning dictate the type of house we design.  This house will truly be a fresh extension of our newly discovered thoughts and ideas about housing.  The process is extremely fulfilling creatively.

So, for now, we have a roof over our heads in a great neighborhood that supports us all.  Each home we inhabit leads us closer to an understanding of what we will create in our dream home.

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