The Idea Is Born

The Idea Is Born

It was my husband Andrew’s idea actually, this notion to move to Baja, Mexico for the winter.  The timing for his proposal seemed perfect in many ways, as I had just spent the last hour enjoying watching the dynamic within a Mexican family picnicking beside me.  What had struck me about this group was their sheer exuberance and joy for life.  Their laughter and good cheer was infectious and in short time I had found myself relaxing and letting go into a sense of joy and ease.  It had also inspired me into some self-reflection.  When was the last time I had just completely let go and laughed with wild abandon?  I felt sad that I couldn’t recall a recent time.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not saying that I’m a high stress person.  I experience myself as being pretty laid back and have the ability to process intensity and stress pretty well.  What I do notice though, is a low-grade nagging sense of inner discomfort that tends to live in my gut.  I guess it could be called stress, like a quiet but persistent inner-nagging that follows me around pretty much chronically.   Depending on how my day is going, I tap into it this stress in varying degrees.  I haven’t always felt this way so I know the difference between living with this stress and living without it. My belief is that it is caused by the high level of activity in my life.

When I say activity, I am referring to my self-imposed, full-time occupation of being “busy”.  Busy with work.  Busy with cleaning, with cooking and shopping.  Busy with creating mental lists for the next things to do; with getting the kids to their various activities.  I think you know where I am going with this.  Sitting beside this jovial Mexican family, the nagging feeling in my stomach felt more pronounced and I longed for deep relaxation and happiness in my life once again.

It was right at the end of this stream of inner reflection that Andrew sprung the idea of a winter in Baja on me.  Honestly, I was resistant at first and immediately dismissed the idea.  Our soon to be 15 year old son had recently made the decision to attend boarding school in Colorado with an excellent ice hockey program and I was still reeling from the massive impending change looming just weeks away.

But then slowly, it bit me, this idea; this wonderful idea of heading south to Mexico for the winter.  It didn’t take long, I’ll admit.  I’m pretty much always game for a new adventure and change in scenery.  I grew up with a father that frequently traveled the world and spoke seven languages fluently.  I was taught early on to believe that we are meant to roam about the world.  Within just seven days, after conversations with both of our kids (we also have an 11 year old daughter) Andrew and I created a detailed plan to go to Baja for six months this fall and winter.  Our new home will be a pop-up tent trailer.

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