How to Downsize and Transition to Tiny


Have you started your downsizing journey yet? If not, are you wondering where to begin? Or perhaps even a little nervous about it? We can help! In our initial downsizing process we sure were worried, which in retrospect honestly seems adorable, but we can say that the lessons learned through the process were life changing. 

What many don’t know is that before we built hOMe, our tiny house, we actually got rid of 90% of our belongings and our house, bought a used pop-up tent trailer, and drove down to Baja, Mexico with our 11 year old daughter and a two parted mission: 1) to see how little we could live with and have our needs met, and 2) to give ourselves the opportunity to disconnect from fast paced life and re-discover who we were without all the stresses associated with living in constant to-do mode. 

We discovered that in living with the least, we experienced the most.

girl jumping on beach

Our daughter Terra finding her joy and freedom again

We also got to see our daughter completely change from an angsty pre-teen to a calm, fulfilled, and confident young woman. Those changes seem to have stuck because now, at 18 years of age, she remains the person we saw bloom on the beaches of Baja. 

In this newsletter you’ll find links to several articles on how to approach the downsizing process. You’ll also find links describing pretty honestly what our experience was like; from how the idea came to be, what the transition was like, what pulling away from everything familiar brought us, and more. This was WAY before we knew we were going to build a tiny house and also way before there was so much information about them on the internet. 

If you are inspired to leave a comment in any of the posts as you read them, we’d love to hear what you have to share! We love being inspired by other people’s stories and experiences. <3

How it all began…

In THIS article you can read how the idea to make a radical shift came to be and why we were so inspired to completely change things up. 


tiny house build fearIt’s completely acceptable and normal to feel trepidation after making a big life decision. We were pretty worried once we actually decided to take the plunge and leave everything familiar behind; all types of scary thoughts began to creep in. You can read more about it in the following articles:

Fear In The Face Of Change
The Last Supper


clothes hanging to dry from palapaThe average US household contains around 300,000 items…we had NO idea how to begin downsizing and came up with an awesome idea. Here are some articles on how to downsize and what making our transition was like:

365 Day Rule
Homeless At Last
Adios USA
The Lucky Broken Tooth
The Border Crossing


man playing guitar on beachWe wouldn’t trade those months of living minimally in Baja for anything; not only did we gain true peace of mind and a deep understanding of why we had been unhappy before, but we also got our happy and confident daughter back. Here are some of the highlights about our experience: 

Teaching Jesus How to Hula Hoop
Little Patch of Paradise
The Importance of Stopping
The Effects of Stopping
The Mermaid
Thirty Days In
Kill Your TV (and video games)
Life is Bliss Without a To-Do List
On Money 
Ding, Dong…the Witch is Dead
Lessons in Stripping Down
Discovering What Really Matters
The Great Lie
Sad Goodbyes

We hope you enjoyed some of these articles! Sometimes fear is an amazing guide-post, showing us that we’re about to step into something incredible. In other words…don’t fear the fear!! 😉

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please be sure to reach out! In the meantime, stay tiny and enjoy this day!

Gabriella and Andrew


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