Life Is Bliss Without A To Do List

Life Is Bliss Without A To Do List

Life Is Bliss Without A To Do ListLife is bliss without a to-do list. The other day, nearly two months into our travels, our first to-do list was created.  It had just three things on it: notebook, hydro-cortisone cream, and call VW.  In the moment of its creation I felt a very faint sadness.  In making the to-do list we had re-entered the realm of what I would call our ‘typical’ life back up north.  Even though the list was teeny, tiny and nothing in comparison to the lists I made every day in my typical life, it still put me in to-do mode.  Suddenly there was something we had to do that day; a timeline, planning, coordination and execution.

Don’t get me wrong, it was all just fine and it certainly didn’t ruin my day.  This was all happening on a very subtle plane.  But even though it was very subtle, I realized that in my typical life I create so much to-do activity.  I run around, I create my lists; I don’t feel relaxed until things are crossed off the list.  And I create so much to do that there is so very little time for sitting, for enjoying, for observing the natural cycle of the day.

Now having the contrast of living a to-do list-free life, I can clearly see that those things that I had pegged as vital to survival in my typical life are nothing more than habits and patterns that I had created as a way to keep myself busy; to not have to be still and listen to my inner world; to not have to be open to life and vulnerable in my experience of living.

As we re-enter the U.S. today to head to Maine for the Christmas holiday, my inner meditation will be to find that soft, calm way of moving through my daily experience which I feel every single day in Baja.  I have grown to love and feel at home in that way.  It came so quickly and all I had to do was to stop and listen.

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