Los Angeles and Atlanta Tiny House Workshops Announcement

Los Angeles and Atlanta Tiny House Workshops Announcement


Boy, when we offered our first tiny house workshop over Valentine’s weekend in Orlando this year, we didn’t have any idea how amazing of an experience it would turn out to be or how much we would love it. Since then, we’ve taught in Denver, San Francisco, St. Louis, Philly, and Portland, OR.

Nearly every single one of them filled to capacity and clearly there’s a strong need for this kind of education. We’ve had people fly in from as far as Germany and participants ranging in age from 18 to 82.

We’ve been joined by couples, singles, families, grandparents with their grandchildren, a group of 8 wood-shop instructors, building officials, newlyweds, professional tiny house builders, armed forces service men and women, retirees, tiny house bloggers, and everything in between.

We’ve laughed a ton, been moved to tears, and had our hearts opened beyond measure. Teaching these workshops has rocked our world and we can’t wait to do more.

So, we are thrilled, delighted, giddy with happiness to announce our next two workshop locations:

Los Angeles, CA  January 14 & 15, 2017

Atlanta, GA  February 11 & 12, 2017

We hope we’ll get to see you at one of these locations! We plan on being in Austin in March and Germany in July (we’re going international!!).  There will be other locations as well and we will announce the schedule as we secure our venues. You can find out more and sign up HERE.

If you have any questions at all about what we cover or what to expect, please feel free to contact me: gabriella at tinyhousebuild dot com

Love Notes:

“The Tiny House Build workshop was hands down the best workshop I have attended. This is the workshop to attend to learn from a real and extremely experienced builder on how to properly build a tiny house. From the ground up to the finishing work Andrew and Gabriella guide you in a highly informational and relaxed environment. You can’t beat the value either with all the goodies they throw in!” -Joshua Engberg www.TinyHouseBasics.com

“Best weekend ever! I learned even more about what goes into building a Tiny House and all the issues and positives. I met some fabulous people! thank you Andrew Morrison and Gabriella Stupakoff Morrison…keep on doing what you’re doing!” -Staci Greenberg

“GO TO THIS WORKSHOP! We attended in St. Louis, and it was fabulous! Andrew knows EVERYTHING about building, and Gabriella is the keeper of details on anything you can think to ask. And, they’re great fun! GO!” -Becky Hessick

“Dear Gabriella and Andrew, what a “package” you two are! If your workshop doesn’t get people thinking about the potential of tiny living, nothing can! Thanks so much for your meticulously planned and exuberantly presented workshop. We enjoyed it thoroughly.” Shanti -Randall and Pat Baird

“We knew the workshop would be awesome, but didn’t know that it would be as epic as it was! Packed full of information and lots of laughs. Thank you Andrew and Gabriella!” -Create Tiny House Life

“I have you to thank for the monumental shift in my life and honestly attending your workshop has been the best decision I’ve ever made to better myself.” -Doss Palmer

“Best workshop ever!!!” -Janie Junker

You can find out more and sign up HERE.

The Grads!

Andrew Morrison tiny house workshop

Andrew Morrison tiny house workshop






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