The Magnetic Energy of Tiny Houses!

The Magnetic Energy of Tiny Houses

We received the email below from, Scott, a reader in Tasmania. For some of us, the decision to split from “Jonesville” and the status quo is gradual, but for others it can happen in the blink of an eye. One of the pieces we love about this letter is that it punctuates how our actions and decisions not only affect us immediately but are also a guiding post to those around us. In a short span of time, Scott and his partner’s enthusiasm for tiny house living has been so authentic that they have inspired many around them to downsize the clutter in their lives as well. This letter is a great example of the magnetic energy of tiny houses.

Over the last 3 weeks a wave of energetic change has been growing inside of me. It would be great to say its all about one thing or another. But in reality its about me and the way I see myself in this world. I’ve been searching for clarity in my life for a number of years now, but to fully explore this would simply be titled, the story of my life. A story that over time will indeed be shared, but for now the “Readers Digest” version.

Our annual culture trip to Melbourne 3 weeks ago was to serve as the platform for change. The fact was that on previous visits both myself and my Partner Danni had gone to the big city with bundles of cash in our pockets and the will to spend it. Cloths, shoes, watches, whatever we could get our hands on. As much fun as those previous visits were, even then a growing shadow was looming in my life. It was on this particular visit however that the shadow cast its dark form over me. Its funny to think of it now as something dark because out of it I have been transported to such a brighter, optimistic place. The place I’m talking about is one where I no longer feel the desire to heal myself by buying endless amounts of stuff that I simply don’t need. An alarm went off. A kick in the head! And a kick in the head was never so gracelessly received.

Why you may ask? Well in truth there was nothing sudden about it. But for change to occur there has to be a spark. Mine came when my beautiful lover hands me her phone, whilst I was sitting on the toilet I might add. There’s this short video with a dude showing this tiny house he has built. I sat watching simply falling over myself with gushingly positive electricity.

Suddenly everything just fell into place, and Melbourne itself was the Catalyst . Simple living projected on a wall of Treacle paced traffic and Coffee shops. Billboards calling out for me to sooth my soul by spending money.” You deserve it, You’re special, treat yourself”. I was suffocating. The backdrop of that cosmopolitan wonderland served only to highlight what a superficial gore feast of materialism my life had become. I felt on one hand void of anything organic or real. But on the other hand, a trembling excitement that one can only feel at the beginning of a journey into the unknown. I had no doubt that Danni and I were experiencing a life changing moment. An Epiphany. I saw a vision of the road ahead and I emotionally and energetically ran headlong into it.

Upon returning to Tasmania, my resolve to evoke change in my life seemed more relevant then it had the previous day. Our mission to find out about this simple living tiny house movement. Overwhelming at first, we had our first feelings of societal pressure. In conversations with friends we received mixed responses. The most notable being someone who simply said, “So what your saying is, your gonna live in a caravan”! No we insisted, “Its a tiny house”! Mostly all the conversations that transpired over the next couple of weeks however were really positive. People we spoke to felt inspired. Not always in regards to living in a tiny house, but based around the concept of living a simpler life. I developed a couple of catchphrases during these conversations and realized that I had become a spokesman for tiny living. Work colleagues approached me days after stating excitedly that they had gone through their cloths and denoted half of them to charity. Wow, such was my glow that those around became infected with optimism for their own lives.

So three weeks into our new found sense of simplicity and tiny approach to living, we purchased the building plans for a tiny house. It felt so right and yet very frightening. I poured over the plans feeling somewhat out of my depth and the next morning I awoke to a world in which I was going to build my very own tiny home. Both myself and Danni were like two little kids dreaming of living in a tree house at the end of an enchanted garden. But it wasn’t a dream, it was real. We had the will. We had an awesome friend with five acres of land who was allowing us to build there. But more importantly we truly believed that we were on the cusp of a life changing journey.


5 Responses to The Magnetic Energy of Tiny Houses!

  1. Paul Turner July 15, 2014 at 9:01 pm #

    Awesome. I’m a single dad living in Frankston South and renting a small 3 bedroom home for 380 a week or about $412 if you divide the monthly rent by 4.

    I am very interested in this idea as the price of a normal sized three bedroom house would see me in a wage trap for the next 30 years.

    Thank you for sharing this inspiring story.

  2. Michael July 25, 2014 at 1:03 am #

    This line resonates with me:

    “I no longer feel the desire to heal myself by buying endless amounts of stuff that I simply don’t need. ”

    I’m not building a tiny house yet but I am moving into a tiny apartment and have been purging belongings for months. I’m over feeling the weight of attachment to stuff.

    • Gabriella July 25, 2014 at 12:23 pm #

      That is wonderful to hear Michael! You know, we didn’t know the weight that we felt with all of our unnecessary belongings until they were gone. It was so profound that we literally felt lighter in our day to day.

  3. Jude September 30, 2014 at 5:37 am #

    Yes your experience resonates with my own Gabriella. There is something magnetic, infectious and just plain exciting about the idea of building your own tiny home. It reminds me of when I was a child playing with friends and building a cubby house whenever the opportunity and materials were available. Seriously, I now live in an amazing bedsitter – one of 12 that were originally a small motel – and I love it. With 15′ ceilings, opposing doors, double brick walls and floor to ceiling windows at one end it is currently my little slice of heaven in my divinely downsized world. All over the world there are wonderful examples of not only tiny houses but tiny living communities living big! My next step is to find some like minded people who are interested to form a loosely woven community in southern Tasmania where off grid, shared resources and mutual respect are the key elements.

    • Gabriella September 30, 2014 at 8:32 pm #

      It sounds beautiful…I would love to see photos!

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