Many Faces of hOMe Photo Gallery


This page is dedicated to anyone that has bought the hOMe plans and/or found inspiration in the hOMe design and created their own tiny house. A “brag wall” so to speak! There is nothing that we love to see more than images of people living in their hOMe and it seems only fitting that there be a place for people to share what they have done.

If you have images that you would like to share, we’d love to post them! Just email and we will post them along with your website if you have been blogging about it. Enjoy!

The Morrison Original hOMe

 ’s hOMe




Stunning hOMe model in Denmark you can rent



Michelle Boyle’s





The “Tire Swing” hOMe Inspired Tiny



The “Bohemian Escape”’ Tiny House Nation




Hydrect and Angela tour their Bohemian Escape for the first time


Rudy’s Tiny hOMe

This hOMe model is currently for sale and in Portland, OR for $75,000! Please email rudavell36 at gmail dot com for more information. 




The Aviation Tiny House




 Aviation House on Tiny House Nation’s hOMe Inspired Tiny House



The “Grand”

The Run Away Van



Dan Howe’s 28′ “Whiskey Jack”

Built By Rewild Homes


 ‘s hOMe




Donovan’s hOMe Inspired 18′




Video Tour of Donovan’s Tiny House



28′ hOMe in Portland, OR




Cathy Freyberg’s Solar Powered 28′ hOMe

Bright Star Equine Massage Therapy, Bend, OR



Mark Su’s Self Built 28′ hOMe 


Video Tour of Mark Su’s Tiny House