Official Vote Count for the Tiny House Appendix in the IRC

Official Vote Count for the Tiny House Appendix in the IRC

The official vote count for the International Residential Code (IRC) Tiny House Appendix was released on January 31, 2016. The vote was close, as was the case in Kansas City during the “in-person” vote. We needed to win a 2/3 majority, and we did. The vote was within 2.6% of that threshold. Here’s how it came out.

Tiny House Appendix Vote Tally

225 Votes For           68.60% of the voters

103 Votes Against    31.40% of the voters

If you have not had a chance to review the tiny house appendix and/or you don’t know the history of how it came to pass, please click here to go to our “code” page. You can review all the blog entries that describe the process of how the appendix was written and passed. You can also click on a page to view the tiny house appendix in full.

Tiny House Appendix Passes Final Vote!

All of your help has been critical to the success of the tiny house appendix so far. We need that same help is moving forward. Our next goal is to get the appendix adopted nationwide!!! As I have mentioned in previous posts, the approval of the appendix was the first step. However, we now need to work on the local jurisdictions adopting that appendix as it does not come in with the “body” of the code. That means that we need to have grassroots movements in 49 states (sorry Wisconsin, but you guys don’t use the IRC). In some cases, we may have to have several prongs of action in each state. this is necessary if the state does not have a state-wide code.

We are working on some ideas and calls to action and will put out a blog post with some directives in the coming weeks. We need to work together, once again, to get the Tiny House Appendix adopted in as many locations as possible in order for it to have the desired impact on the legalities of permanent tiny houses. 


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