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Welcome to TinyHouseBuild.com! We are so glad you are here. Our goal is to empower you with the very best information, tools, and resources so that you can achieve your tiny house dreams in the least time possible, at the lowest cost, and with the biggest smile on your face. Feel free to look around our site and to sign up for our Free 7 Day E-Course! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. :)

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Our workshops are the best resource for getting your tiny house dreams off the ground. Join us for a not to be forgotten weekend!

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tiny house plans


The hOMe plans are complete and stamped by a structural engineer. Use them as-is or customize them to fit your specific needs.

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Our best selling "How To Guide To Building A Tiny House" video series contains 6+ hours of invaluable information. It's a must watch!

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Free E-Course

Get started right away by signing up for our self paced Free 7 Day E-Course. Learn the basics from trailers all the way through roofing.

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Jay Shafer

"Andrew's the bomb when it comes to building a tiny house and explaining the process clearly. I can't recommend his video highly enough. It's the most beautifully done and thoroughly informative footage. Andrew's a far better builder than most anyone I know, including me." - Jay Shafer (FourLightsHouses.com)


Ryan Mitchell

"The hOMe plans are very high quality, contain a lot of detail, and are geared toward the beginner builder. The materials list is incredibly detailed and the framing plans feature more detail than standard. Also, Andrew’s detailed video explaining how to read house plans is not to be missed." - Ryan Mitchell (TheTinyLife.com)

Bed Over My Head

BA Norrgard

"Andrew has such a genuine way about him that makes everyone immediately feel both comfortable and part of a team. If you have the opportunity to attend of of his workshops, you must go! It will be both time and money well spent. You’ll grow and learn in ways that you hadn’t anticipated." - BA Norrgard (ABedOverMyHead.com)

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beach in Baja with RV and palapas

Thirty Days In

 We are thirty days in to our Baja adventure and back up in San Diego for six or seven days.  Paiute has a short, four day Thanksgiving break with us because of several ice hockey tournaments.  We are in day three of our time stateside and I am longing to return to Baja.  It’s SO […]

mexican flag

Doctors And Dentists

Doctors and Dentists. Both Terra and I went to a medical clinic this morning.  Terra had spent the evening before with extreme nausea and had woken up with it again.  Otherwise, our digestive systems have been unaffected since we arrived, so we’re not worried about water contamination or things of that nature.  My malady is […]

girl jumping up into the air on beach

Los Frailes

  After about a week and a half in Loreto, we felt the call of the southern Sea of Cortez.  It was time to pack up and bid farewell to our dear Joe and Julie and their three dogs and to drive south to the fabled Cabo Pulmo, just 50 miles or so north of Cabo […]

woman's face made out of sand on the beach

The Mermaid

A couple of evenings ago I made the short walk to the beach to do my Spanish lessons.  The wind was blowing strongly, white caps crested the waves, and the sailboats anchored in this normally placid cove tossed about roughly.  After a few minutes of sitting on the beach focusing on my lesson, I noticed […]

woman lying and relaxing on sand

The Effects Of Stopping

For the most part I have been relishing in the slowness of our lives down here.  I’ve loved our days with no real agendas or time frames.  No appointments, meetings, social obligations, and to-do lists.  I’ve surprised myself by how easily I have been able to let go of my need to stay busy. The […]