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In this interview we did with the amazing Jeff Golden of “Immense Possibilities” we share our process of our extreme downsizing, living within one’s means, deciding to live out of a pop up tent trailer in Baja, and how the tiny house revolution can change the world. Stick around long enough and you will even see Kent Griswold of come on the program!

Living SMALL In A big World

Grab your favorite mug, fill it with delicious tea or coffee and enjoy this video interview we created on the topic of “Living SMALL In A big World”. In it, a lot is covered from how we converted our closet into a master bedroom, to living in a 125 sqft pop up tent trailer in Baja with our 12 year old daughter, to designing your home to reflect your personal connection and love with nature, to the role of straw bale construction in the tiny house movement, and how to create your own off-grid forever home with your own two hands.

Living SMALL In A big World from Gabriella Morrison on Vimeo.