Rules of the Road: Digital Workshop

RULES OF THE ROAD: Digital Workshop

Knowing just what the rules of the road are is important when you tow your tiny house; will you be overweight, too long, or too long are all questions you want to consider. In this episode of our Digital Tiny House workshop, we walk you through those parameters so that you don’t end up in trouble with the law. 


Do you know what the average allowable towable width is for any movable structure? If not, you’ll want to tune into our totally free lesson (see link below). These restrictions change state to state, but if you build to the lowest common denominator, you won’t have any issues. Find out all about it by watching the video (link attached below).


Towing a structure, whether its a tiny house or anything else, is regulated by state by state restrictions. If you go over the average width, getting a wide-load permit is easy and inexpensive, BUT if you go above the typical height restriction (13’6″ in most states), getting an over-height permit is a MUCH bigger deal, often leading to a special pilot vehicle lifting low power lines ahead of the towed vehicle. Watch all about it on the video link below


In this day and age there are several apps and online tools to help you create a safe passage for your tiny house from point A to B. Find out which of those are the best and most pertinent to tiny house structures by watching the 12 min video below! 

For the full details on how to follow the rules of the road, be sure to watch Episode 4: (12 min) from our Digital Tiny House workshop. In it we cover the above topics in detail as well as how to deal with some special challenges such as roads and staying within the legal parameters for each state. 

Stay tuned for more from the Digital Workshop Series, or click HERE to purchase the entire, 2-day tiny house workshop; covering everything from tools to codes to construction details, to creating a tiny house lifestyle and everything (truly!) in between. With each purchase comes a FREE e-notebook for you to take notes on as you watch the footage and over $300 in FREE bonuses (including our hOMe Digital Total Plans Package as well as our step-by-step How to Build a Tiny House Video series). 

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