Sacramento KOA

Sacramento KOA


Sacramento KOAWe are parked at our first bona-fide RV campground ever, the Sacramento KOA.  We pulled in around 10pm and were grateful for the shroud of darkness that kept our anonymity as we realized (fortunately before completely detaching the tent trailer from the car) that we had entered the spot from the wrong side and were consequently too far from the electrical panel.  It was a little bit like pulling up to a gas station only to realize that the tank is on the other side of the car. Talk about a rookie mistake.

The campground is drowned by sounds of I-80 just a few hundred feet from us and the murmur of people talking in the trailer next to us.  This is going to be an earplug night.  But we are content to be here and still amazed at how large this 24’ (when fully opened) tent trailer seems.  It’s comical but I moved from a 2,100 sq. ft. home into a 200 sq. ft. tent trailer and it feels like a mansion.  I look forward to climbing into our comfy, cozy bed and falling (hopefully) into a blissful night of royal sleep.

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