Sara and Joel’s DIY 26 ft Tiny House Build

Meet Sara and Joel, a couple who successfully built a 26 ft tiny house together.

Speaking from our personal experience, learning from others' successes is crucial for the reassurance it can be done. A success story doesn't mean there aren't many ups and downs. In fact, the lessons that come from the mistakes are probably the most valuable for you as you plan for your own self-built tiny house. We share insights into their build in our new DIY Tiny Home Build Stories series on YouTube.

In episode one, we dive into Sara and Joel's clever, beautifully efficient 26 ft tiny house build. They completed it after two years of building on weekends and with no prior experience. Fortunately, their relationship is stronger than ever before.

"Building a house with your partner is a really big relationship challenge, for sure. It was definitely was our biggest challenge in our relationship. But overall it was really positive, and in the end we learned so much about each other and how to work together, which is important for us. There's plenty of couples who just decide not to do projects together and to not work together, and they're happy to just have their seperate spaces.

But for us, it's really important that we're able to do big projects together and thinking about future projects, like building a home or having a kid. Knowing how to communicate and how to work through challenges, overall, has been hugely postive thing for our relationship."

-Sara, photographer & DIY builder

Sara & Joel's DIY 26 ft tiny house build

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