Building a Tiny House Advice: Start Here

Building a Tiny house prepartion basics If you’re considering building a tiny house, you’re in for a fun, challenging, and rewarding experience! Just make sure you plan everything out carefully and meticulously, or you may run into some problems down the road. In this article, we will give you some advice on how to build…

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Sara and Joel’s DIY 26 ft Tiny House Build

Meet Sara and Joel, a couple who successfully built a 26 ft tiny house together. Speaking from our personal experience, learning from others’ successes is crucial for the reassurance it can be done. A success story doesn’t mean there aren’t many ups and downs. In fact, the lessons that come from the mistakes are probably…

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4 Tips for Building Tiny Homes on a Budget

tiny house build

Share on Facebook Facebook Share on Pinterest Pinterest Share on Reddit Reddit Share on Twitter Twitter Planning a tiny house build to save money? We share four big tips for constructing your home on a budget. Half of the population would consider living in a smaller home. Do you want to go tiny? Tiny houses are becoming…

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