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tiny house build mistakes

Tiny House Build Mistakes to Avoid

When building your tiny house, you are likely to make mistakes. That’s just a fact; not to worry! Most issues can be fixed, but preparation is key to avoid as many as possible from the start. It is pretty understandable that build mistakes will happen, especially since most DIYers have no prior experience. Also, the tiny […]

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jumpstart tiny house course

Jumpstart Your Tiny House Journey with this Interactive Guide

Do you want to build your own tiny house? Starting might be one of the toughest steps. In fact, it can be paralyzing. Our friends at LATCH Collective know this better than almost anyone. They are a community-focused organization based in Los Angeles, supporting each other in designing and building their own tiny homes. https://www.facebook.com/LatchCollective/videos/771161159959837/ […]

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Tiny House on Wheels VS on Foundation: Pros & Cons

Whenever a “tiny house” is mentioned, many people tend to think of one “on wheels”. Besides mobility benefits, THOWS are built on trailers to get around stringent codes and zoning rules in some states that stipulate that buildings must meet certain standards to be deemed inhabitable. However, over the past few years, the popularity of […]

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