Teaching Jesus How To Hula Hoop

Teaching Jesus How To Hula Hoop

Jesus Hula HoopsOur goal for yesterday’s drive was to make the full 637 km drive from San Quintin to the Sea of Cortez.  However, the drive was slower than we had anticipated (hundreds of kilometers driving through windy, mountain roads) and realizing that nightfall was fast approaching, we instead pulled into a small community called San Ignacio, about 45 miles from the Sea of Cortez.  The RV park, called Beans and Rice, had been highly recommended so we felt comfortable setting up there.

This morning as we were taking apart our encampment, a young man came over when he saw Terra hula-hooping (we brought two as part of our ‘vital necessities’ kit) and was smiling broadly as he watched her.  His demeanor was sweet and he had a very childlike quality.  Terra offered him the other hula-hoop and to my surprise he took it and began trying to use it.  He was definitely a beginner and as he tried gyrating his hips to get the hula-hoop to go round and round without falling, we all laughed.  In no time he began to coordinate his movements so that he could actually keep the hula-hoop in motion for nearly a minute.  All the while Terra, the pro, just kept going round and round with hers and this young man would stop, study what she was doing for pointers, and start back up again with his.

We actually didn’t realize until about ten minutes or so into this very lively and hilarious hula-hoop mini-lesson that he hadn’t made any sounds and the hand gestures he was using to communicate with us, which we had thought were there for the purpose of bridging a language barrier, were actually there because he was deaf and mute.

Terra and JesusAll the while he was grinning from ear to ear and unafraid to be with us and learn this fun, new skill.  He took some water from the swimming pool and began to write on the concrete with his wet finger.  In this way we learned that his name was Jesus, that he is 20 years old, and that he loves to motocross.

It was a tender exchange and I loved watching the two of them finding a common language in hula-hooping.  Now Terra can honestly claim that she once taught Jesus how to hula-hoop.

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