Teenage Girl Builds Beautiful Tiny House & Skoolie

DIY Success Story! Teenage Girl Builds Beautiful Tiny House & Skoolie

Sibel, from teenage DIYer to aspiring Pro Builder

Sibel’s DIY Tiny House, Turquoise

Hello everyone! My name is Sibel, and I am a 17-year-old homeschooler. I live in Albany, California.

I first got interested in tiny houses when I was 13 years old. My family and I saw a movie on Netflix called Tiny, and from there, I started researching more about them and how to build one. Then, about two years later, at 15, I was able to accomplish my dream with my dad’s help.

My tiny house build was the best experience that has happened to me.

I learned so many things from building a home, from building a frame to learning how to plumb. After building it, it gave me so many skills that I would be able to use in my future builds.

Now that I have these skills, I won’t have to depend on anybody to do them for me. This build also taught me how to be patient and to make sure that detail is critical in carpentry.

About Sibel’s Tiny House on Wheels:

My tiny house is named after my birthstone Turquoise. After building the tiny house, I would see other people naming their tiny homes, which encouraged me to name mine too.

Turquoise is definitely a mixture of both a rustic and modern look. She has a lot of reclaimed and reused items. The design that I created was mainly so that it didn’t feel small. I wanted to add a lot of windows and add white paint to make her feel spacious.

In the living room, I have a nice comfy couch that could also be used for sleeping, and above it, there is a beautiful large window for lovely views.

I have a nice storage staircase leading to the master loft. In this tiny house, I have built two lofts, there is a master loft that fits a queen bed with lots of headroom, and the other fits a twin bed or can be used for storage.

In the kitchen, I have a U-shaped design with lots of counter space and a built-in bar table with two metal stools. My bathroom has a cute DIY compost toilet with an efficient compact vanity and a water trough bathtub/shower.

I used reclaimed fence wood for the ceiling of Turquoise and the ceiling of the lofts. For the walls, I used wood panels and painted them white for more light.

My tiny house build experience definitely led me to convert a school bus.

It also gave me more experience, so it made me feel more confident in doing it by myself because my wonderful dad helped me and guided me through the tiny house build. So with the knowledge that he taught me, I was able to bring that into my bus conversion.

Sibel’s School Bus Conversion:

My skoolie is a 1993 Ford E-350, and her name is BonBon. This little skoolie is a 15′ foot short bus with a white exterior and black trimming. Inside, there is a nice spacious kitchen with a little sink, lots of cabinet space, and a small toaster oven and electric stovetop.

At the end of the bus, there is room for a full bed, but right now, there is a twin. Across from the kitchen, there is a nice flip-up table that can be used to eat, work, make things, etc. Below the table, I have a nice spacious storage bench. The flooring is laminate, so super easy to clean and perfect for animal lovers.

For lighting, I have strong led strip lights that go all around the bus, and I also have a very bright led light above the kitchen. The bus has both a heater and already installed in the bus is an AC unit above bed.

On the exterior, I have a tankless water heater and an outdoor shower. I saw this on someone’s Youtube video, where they bought a swivel kitchen faucet and used that for a showerhead. You basically swivel the faucet outside of the window, and you have an outdoor shower. I also made a detachable curtain rod holder for the outside.

This bus connects to water and electricity from a home or RV campground where they provide shore power.

We went camping with her for the first time last weekend, and we got to test everything out, and everything worked great!

Tiny House & Skoolie for Sale to Fund Business Startup:

My tiny house is up for sale for $60,000 or best offer. Additionally, my skoolie is for sale for $20,000 OBO.


I want people to know that the proceeds will be put to good use. After I graduate high school, I would like to create an all women’s tiny house company. With the money from selling my tiny house and school bus, I will be using it towards my future dream business.

Interested in buying either her tiny house or skoolie? Contact Sibel at [email protected]

Deciding to sell my tiny house was really hard for me because she was my first. It took me a while to make the decision but in the end, I knew it would be best for me to sell her.

Before even building Turquoise, I was planning on living in it after high school so that I wouldn’t have to worry about housing, but I know that if I want to start my business, I have to have money that’s why I am selling her.

I think my biggest takeaway from these building experiences is having a lot more confidence in myself.

Before building the tiny house, I always had a little bit in me that said I couldn’t do it, but learning from my father and Youtube gave me more confidence in doing something.

Once you finish a project knowing that you did it with your own hands, it is the best feeling in the world. It also gives you more confidence to do other projects.

by Sibel, @Tiny_Turquoise

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