Just bought your digital total package. Already really impressed with how detailed everything is! My wife and I are so excited to start this journey. Thank you guys so much. –Daniel
It has been super fun and thank you guys so much for all the help with good quality plans and the great movie series! Couldn’t have done it without you.  Here is our blog, not super fancy but you can see some pictures: http://thistinyhouseblog.wordpress.com/ -David Hicks
MY GOSH, I just have to say how refreshing it is, just getting a response from someone, much less an ACTUAL HELPFUL response. It seriously makes me want to just cry tears or happiness/relief. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! –Hillary
Best workshop ever!!! –Janie Junker
We returned home from the workshop with so much motivation and excitement, you guys helped confirm for us that we are on the right path. –Erika and Tish
I highly recommend the Morrison DVD videos; if you plan to build your own. Gabriella and Andrew Morrison know their stuff and share it well. –Moose
All your building dvds have been invaluable for me during my build so I before anything is like to and owe you a sincere thank you -Matt Favaro
I was pleasantly surprised to get notified the shipment had gone out already. I was definitely not expecting such a quick turnaround. The plans are very professional and well thought out. I look forward to starting on the build and getting on with my journey. You guys are great advocates for the community. Thanks so much. -Skye Robertson
Andrew’s video is really fantastic. What’s more, they have amazing customer service, my first copy was defective, and they replaced it for me very quickly. –Thea Tapson
Gosh! I should say, you’re not just wonderful guys but the best yet customer service I have encountered so far! Thanks a lot for your prompt and express response, Gabriella! –Vidya Shastry
The Tiny House Build workshop was hands down the best workshop I have attended. This is the workshop to attend to learn from a real and extremely experienced builder on how to properly build a tiny house. From the ground up to the finishing work Andrew and Gabriella guide you in a highly informational and relaxed environment. You can’t beat the value either with all the goodies they throw in! -Joshua Engberg www.TinyHouseBasics.com
Thank you so much. Now I understand why there are so many customers raving about your customer service on your website. I’ve looked through the documents I was able to download (they’re really nice ) and I’m looking forward to receiving the rest in the mail. –Paul Rahe
The DVDs are AWESOME! I have watched them three times so far and I learn more every time! Keep up the fantastic work you both do! Tinily yours –Teresa Storms
Thank you for all of the free info, pictures, videos, and feedback.  It really is awesome to see people giving back in a way that helps others achieve their dreams, Lord knows we all have to start somewhere. –Brian McCauley
First and foremost, the instructional and production quality of the video series was excellent. I create training (digital eLearning) for a software company as part of my day job, and was very impressed by the work you and Andrew did. So thank you! -Aaron Maccabee, eLearning content developer, specializing in process, product and professional skills training for an Enterprise Cyber Security company. http://tiny.maccabeestudios.com
Thank you so much!!!!! We promise to keep you updated and “shout out” to you guys along the way 🙂 You guys have seriously been so helpful. –Daniel and Kamryn
Thank you so much for the workshop. It was GREAT to have this opportunity to gather the knowledge that I will need. Thanks a bunch, J Karla
Now that’s more like it!!!  Just got the plans and they look great! Thanks again for everything –Robert Gates
We had such a wonderful time – the workshop had so many great elements in such a short period of time, intellectual, emotional and fun too! You can’t ask for more than that. Not to mention all the great connections and people. –Tina Cady
I recommend this workshop to everyone! –Janie Holland
What an amazing, informative, FUN weekend! Went to Trailer Made yesterday and picked out my trailer!!! Moving forward! Love and Light to all of you. –Vicky Lynn
You are awesome, thank you so much. –Christine Muehlhausen
Hey there, just received the full size paper versions of the plans (looks great, cant wait to get started!) –Jesse Street
Really appreciate the response and your willingness to follow through.  Definitely appreciate the dedication and integrity.  –Jeff McClanahan