The Last Supper

The Last Supper
the last supper

It’s a funny thing shopping for groceries knowing that we only have nine weeks until we leave on our trip.  We aren’t quite close enough to departure to stop buying the essentials, but some thought and consideration does need to be given to non-essentials.  In the meantime, it’s been a fun challenge to come up with meals using the various dry goods we have had stored for months and even years in our cupboards.  For example, last night Andrew managed to finish off the horseradish cream by putting it into the mashed potatoes.  Unfortunately, the horseradish was so overpowering that our daughter couldn’t eat it.  She howled in pain when her sensitive pallet was attacked by the spicy root.  In this case, Andrew may have been just a tad overzealous in getting rid of the entire horseradish container in one go. In short time we will officially be having the last supper. Looking forward to it!

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