The Lucky Broken Tooth

The Lucky Broken Tooth

Lucky Broken ToothYesterday, during an eating stop between Sacramento and LA, a large chunk of Andrew’s rear molar broke off.  It didn’t come as a total surprise as his dentist had warned of a day when perhaps this might happen.  What was disconcerting though (other than the obvious fact that he now has a large piece of an important molar missing!) was that this break happened just two days before our anticipated date to travel into Baja.  Did this mean that we would have to delay our entry date so that Andrew could get the tooth fixed in LA?  Would he have to fly back to Oregon so that it could be fixed at our dentist’s office?

In an effort to come up with some ideas and potential solutions, Andrew wrote to a couple we’ve been corresponding with who live in Loreto, our first stop in Baja.  They are the aunt and uncle of one of Paiute’s best friends in Ashland and we have been looking forward to meeting them.  As fate would have it, it turns out that Joe, the uncle, had the very same thing happen to his tooth this summer while in Loreto (they live there year-round).  So they were able to recommend a Mexican dentist that they trust.

During this email exchange between Andrew, Joe, and Julie (Joe’s wife), we also discovered that they just happen to be in San Diego and happen to be driving back to Loreto leaving tomorrow morning (the same date and time we have been planning on crossing over as well)!  They have offered to lead the way and escort us across the border and all the way down to their place if we would like.  We are thrilled and beyond grateful.

So, tomorrow morning we will meet them at 10am and head on down with our experienced leaders at the helm.  It will likely take us two days to make the drive all the way down to Loreto.  We are extremely excited to finally be making the crossing.  Had it not been for Andrew’s tooth breaking, we would not likely have contacted them and would be doing the crossing on our own.


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