Things I Won’t Miss in Baja

Things I Won’t Miss in Baja


1.  STANDARD FLUSH TOILETS.  We have three in our home right now and the concept of flush toilets is so backwards to me that to this day, I honestly don’t know how they are even legal.  At what point did we decide that using drinking water to flush crap and urine down a hole was a good idea?!  I look forward to using pit toilets and occasionally the tent trailer toilet which just uses gravity and no water.

 2.  CLEANING A BIG HOUSE.  I really, really enjoy living in a clean house.  In fact, I have a hard time relaxing unless the space around me is spic-and-span.  To clean this house to my standard takes a minimum of 6 hours per week.  So, I work hard all week on our businesses, take kids to their various events, create some social time to recharge my batteries, shop and cook, and then get to spend my day “off” by cleaning.  In any given week, I’m guessing I have about 1 hour of pure, work-free enjoyment in this house.  Worth it?  I think not!

3.  HEATING AND COOLING BILLS.  This two-story, 2,000 sq. ft. house is under ten years old and definitely well built.  However, it’s wedged into a small lot in a very suburban neighborhood with no regard to using nature’s cycles to help heat and cool.  In the winter we receive no solar gain and the bottom floor lives in perpetual shade, forcing us to have lights on during the day and the heater working overtime to keep us warm.  In the summer on the other hand, the second floor literally bakes as the sun shoots its rays down through three skylights.  As a result each month, we are stuck with a utility bill that runs in the hundreds of dollars.

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3 Responses to Things I Won’t Miss in Baja

  1. Chuck Izowsky February 4, 2014 at 1:33 pm #

    Your comment about flush toilets is bang on. I consider our society totally backward in this regard, and also about passive heating and cooling. 30 years ago I sent for a canadian government booklet about that and more, and nothing has changed. Change has to come from ordinary citizens, as government will not change.

    • Gabriella February 5, 2014 at 9:40 am #

      In total agreement! 🙂

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    In total agreement!

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