Thirty Days In

Thirty Days In

 Thirty Days InWe are thirty days in to our Baja adventure and back up in San Diego for six or seven days.  Paiute has a short, four day Thanksgiving break with us because of several ice hockey tournaments.  We are in day three of our time stateside and I am longing to return to Baja.  It’s SO great to get to see Paiute but I wish we had arranged for him to get a taste of Baja, rather than meeting up here.  Life in the U.S. comes fast and pretty darn furiously.  In contrast with our quiet little life in Baja, I really struggle with the pace up here.

I miss our tiny markets in Baja that carry just the basics.  I don’t want or need 43 varieties of cheese.  Three or four is more than enough choice for me.  I’ve grown to love the simplicity of living in Baja.  There is only one principal highway running the entire 1,000 mile stretch from north to south, so getting lost is unlikely.  I’ve loved not having TV, and hardly any billboards or ad campaigns in view.  I like feeling like I am making my own choices when buying something.  It has been so much fun to have to get creative and resourceful when we have needed something and haven’t been able to find it in the store (not being able to buy a fly swatter turned into a peso-making operation for Terra who earned 2 pesos per fly she caught in our trailer).

Thirty Days In 1I’ve learned a lot about myself in our first month in Baja.  My natural inner rhythm is much quieter and slower than I had realized.  I’ve learned that I love feeling like I can take my time when doing something.  I’ve noticed that it doesn’t take much for me to feel like there is too much activity for my comfort level.  I haven’t felt bored once.  I’ve loved living in a very small space.  Less living space has freed up more time for me to play in the ocean or go for walks. It has also forced us all to have to deal with our emotional worlds as they come up.  This has taught me priceless lessons in just this short month.  I feel like we’re all getting to know each other on a whole new level.

Thirty Days In 2As we go into Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for the opportunity to be able to make this trip.  I’m appreciative of the lessons I’m learning, for the realizations I’m receiving, for the time I’m getting to spend in a tiny space; for being able to find some silence in my inner life; for getting to sleep in the open air each and every night and for learning to love falling asleep early and waking up to catch the sunrise; for all of the beauty and incredible abundance of the Sea of Cortez and that a place still exists in the world that is teeming with life; for getting to live for practically nothing in paradise; and most of all, for pushing through our fears and moving forward to meet this incredible land of Baja.

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