Time for Change: Tiny House Community Announcement

BIG News: Time for Change

Hello to our dear readers near and far! We are writing to you today to share some rather big news; Andrew and I are handing over the helm of TinyHouseBuild.com and TinyHousePlans.com to our dear friends Alexis and Christian of TinyHouseExpedition.com.

We have known them well for years and during that time have grown to trust and admire them. Their involvement with the tiny house movement has been exemplary, traveling tirelessly across the country and back several times (they’re the most traveled tiny housers in the world) while documenting the movement beautifully. They were even with us during the historic day when the International Code Council adopted the Tiny House Appendix in Kansas City (you can view their documentary about that adventure HERE). 

with Alexis & Christian, founders of Tiny House Expedition

Alexis and Christian built their own tiny house and have been living in it full time, have their fingers on the pulse of all things tiny house related and know more about the current status of tiny house legalities than pretty much anyone out there. Between their speaking gigs, touring tiny house communities and meeting with leaders across the country, and attendance at most major tiny house expos and gatherings, there’s likely not a question that they can’t answer with the backing of experience and knowledge. 

As for me and Andrew, we are stepping closer into a quieter life, with less time on computer screens, and moving towards retirement. We feel incredibly grateful and fortunate for the amazing experiences we have had over the last few years with you all…of the places we’ve been and the people we’ve met! We wouldn’t trade any of it for anything and we feel so grateful to each of you who have been with us along the way. 

You will be in the very best of hands with Alexis and Christian running both tiny house entities. You can look forward to fresh content and new resources to help you on your journey towards your dream life. 

So we want to take this moment to say, “Thank you…from the bottom of our hearts, thank you”. We wish you the very very best!!!

Much love, 
Gabriella and Andrew

Meet Alexis & Christian

Hello all!

We are humbled and honored to be taking the helm of TinyHouseBuild.com and sister site, TinyHousePlans.com. Gabriella and Andrew have long been, not just friends, but tiny house movement heroes of ours. It is our sincerest desire to caretake for and grow these incredible resources that they have developed, to the best of our ability.

Christian and I cannot wait to grow our community with you all through these entities—a new adventure! Our passion is empowering others to live their best lives with the help of tiny homes, like so many incredible people and community projects in the tiny house movement that we have visited and documented.

With gratitude to Gabriella and Andrew, we commit to enthusiastically honoring their tiny house community legacy by stewarding these entities into the future. Please join us.

Learn more about us by exploring our Tiny House Expedition website, YouTube, and Instagram.
Yours Truly,
Alexis and Christian

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