What Does a Tiny Home Mean to You? #tinyU

What Does a Tiny Home Mean to You? #tinyU

We invited friends to ponder the question “What does a tiny home mean to me?” and to give a response followed with #tinyU so that we could keep track on social media sites. The results are beautiful, moving and inspirational. We would like to share them with you. And if you didn’t get a chance to submit your answer, we’d love to hear it so feel free to post it in the comments section below!


Having a tiny home will allow me to focus wholeheartedly on raising my special needs daughter & for us to live a more meaningful life

 -Brett Endes ‏

To be able to live stress free

-Andrew Williamson

A tiny home would mean a chance at a new life and the chance to life deliberately

-Cynthia JMT Lapier

A tiny house means no room for excuses. I get to focus on what matters most: family, environment, sustainability, community, friends

-Sara Claywell Hall

A tiny home means freedom from mortgage payments and more time to live and play!

-Marsha DeCaires

A tiny home means freedom! Freedom from debt. Freedom to move. Owning my freedom is what having a tiny home means to me

-Erika Shaw Potter

A tiny house means the ability to take greater responsibility at minimizing my footprint on the planet

-Denis Berger

A tiny home means freedom. Mental freedom that would give me peace-of-mind and financial freedom that would allow me to pursue my dreams

-Jason Chatmon

Playing again like when I was a kid, playing with my kids and wonderful husband and not having all the DISTRACTIONS Of “stuff”!

-Kim April

We are tring to build a whole Tiny house community in our city. To us it would mean jobs and a safe affordable housing for a group of people who are struggling #tinyU


Tiny living means freedom to enjoy life now, while we are alive instead of waiting for some theoretical “retirement” that may never happen

-Ashley Denise Johnson

A tiny house to me means living a clean, uncluttered, simplistic, focused life, mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally

-Rusty La

Having a tiny house would allow us to travel and see the country with our family

-Erin DelFarno

A tiny home to me means less distraction trying to survive financially and more time with my son and doing work I love 

-Lisa White

Living tiny means freedom to live as we want to, not as were told we have to so our children will know their parents, not their parents financial stresses  

-Dana Trail

To me, a tiny home is a means to enjoy life without distractions

-Tom Jefferson III

It will allow me to have more freedom to spend time with my children and friends. I will not have to work 50-60 hours a week to be house poor and have no freedom to enjoy being alive but to just work all the time for a place to live that is not even mine!!!!  

-Stephanie Frost

A tiny home means it’s mine!!! Security and peace of mind. It means that I can spend my money on things that are important to me

-Sheila M. Milberg

Home is where the heart is. Tiny home = big <3  

-Jill Taura

Living tiny is the opportunity to break away from the mold that society in general has established. Learning to live without things that weigh us down and force us to spend our lives just to fit within that mold. Living tiny is learning to live the life you choose, be happy with the ones you love, and spend your life focusing on what really matters  

-Wendy Welles

A tiny home means more freedom w/ both time & finances. More opportunity to do what I want, and love, to do! 

-Scott Haney

A tiny home means I can spend more time living out my creativity (e.g. drawing and painting)  

-Hanspeter Brunner

Means FREEDOM….more than you know

-Faith Bryant Kendrick

To be able to live affordably without having to worry about a mortgage. Stress free living  

-David Painter

A tiny home enables freedom, love, dreams, and your heart to roam

-Phil Squire

A tiny house to me means living being able to get around better in the space available to me using my oxygen supply. I have Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and can do hardly anything. I would like the freedom to get around better in a very small space and be able to conserve energy in more than one way

-Carol Ann Houseworth

A tiny house would enable my husband and I to downsize in preparation for retirement. It would also allow us to choose a more serene, uplifting and safe location in which to live #tinyU 

-Kara April

Tiny house living will allow me to go off the grid and use my earnings for important things like visiting my kids abroad

-Wolf ‏

It means a greater immersion in nature and the means and time to enjoy it  


A tiny home means our daughter can get the necessary r&r that reduces her having seizures  

-Alicia Grullon

We move all over the country to serve. Tiny home means we can finally be a family and live off the land…and the grid

-Marianne Knai ‏

A tiny home means more time to read, write, travel & play to learn & expand my ever unfolding perspective w/o being trapped in debt! 

-Carlie Hughes

It is a safe haven for my new wife and I, and a fresh start in life  


A tiny house means right-sizing my impact, finances and creativity!

 -Gayan Gregory Long

Owning a tiny home gives U more freedom to do the things U love. Unless of course u love paying property taxes & constant upkeep #tinyU 

-Greg Findlay

A Tiny Home – one basic need totally, finally sorted – freeing up energy and resources to make a worthwhile contribution to the world  


The ability to live simply and modestly

-Kristen Jefferson

A tiny house will serve the purpose of a dream that came alive. Then I will be to say “Just living dream” and “Another day in Paradise”. A tiny house will bring a sense of accomplishment and less stress as I grow older. Then I can say that my pursuit of happiness as been achieved  

-Aaron Gonzales

A tiny house to me means living debt free and having the freedom to travel  

-Amanda Rachelle

Tiny Houses means FREEDOM to go and do what u want

-Beverley Simpson Corey

To me, a tiny home means a simpler, relaxed, debt-free life that allows one more freedom for the rewarding things like time with family, travel and outdoor activities

-Kelli McLean

For me, a tiny house means: the opportunity in my country to bring people a worthy home.I live in Patagonia, Argentina

-Santiago Figueroa

To me, a tiny home means freedom, more money for travelling and enjoying life, and first and foremost: less cleaning!  

-Tommy Pilon

A tiny home provides freedom to live a life with only the bare essentials, the way it is intended 

-Frantic Skys

I want a tiny house to be free from the clutter of life with my own supercool space 🙂  

-Debbie Rodriguez

A Tiny hOMe Means A Tiny hAIKu! A Tiny House Is A Big Step Towards Freedom Happiness and Love

-Fairy Char

A tiny home means a business opportunity for me and a suitable, low cost home for low income families  

-Richard Nichol

Tiny house in Evanston You would be our house and we would be your family

-JoDe Dietsch

Tiny hss mean 2 me: smplcty – nothin xtra nor sprflus & clsr 2 th world s well  

-Douglass Truth

A tiny house allows you to live modestly and richly. Spending time with family and friends 

-Tom Jefferson Jr

Cozy happy love!  

-Terry Karnecki

In one word: FREEDOM

-Paul Murray

A tiny home for me means less resource destruction, less space to heat, cool and maintain

-Tim Hyde

Being able to live on my land simply, mortgage free and happy!  

-Coopérative Advitam Eternam

Being able to live simply #tinyU 

-Aimee Hitchens

Being able to live environmentally off grid on a riverfront lot not accessible to utilities  

-Susan Pfeffer

Building our own tiny home would mean that my husband, our dog, cat, and I could finally be a singular, self-sustaining (mortgage-free, rent-free) unit that would be able to travel at our hearts’ desire. We would finally have a place that is ours, built by us, perfectly for us  

-Amanda Yarbrough

It means really less is more 

-Ibrahim Lincoln

Tiny House means FREEDOM!!!  

-Faith Bryant Kendrick

A tiny house to me means being able to “own” my own living space. I LOVE tiny houses and cant wait until I can own my own


-MyHandz YourHome Barbara Esposito

With having so much in life you really miss what’s important in life and through having this kind of house it can be achieved.

-Ed Toews

To us a tiny home means ‪#‎sustainableliving‬ 

-Green Guru

Spring cleaning everyday! Living so simplistic sounds amazing

-Zachary Kunde

A tiny home to me is a chance to be mortgage free and the opportunity to get to do more of the things we want to do  

-BG Jenkins

We serve in the Canadian military (as a pilot and mental healthcare provider). A tiny hOMe means we get the best of both worlds: living in comfort while respecting the land. A tiny hOMe would also mean that we can finally stop the waste of maintaining two homes and be united  


Sustainable, affordable living, and the opportunity to focus on the important things in life

‪-Shanna Dulin

After nineteen years of blissful marriage to my best friend, eighteen years of wonderful time spent with our incredible son, serving twelve years and two overseas tours resulting in a Purple Heart and lifelong disabilities, a life living on the road in our very own Tiny House off the grid would be a dream come true!  

-Maxwell Baird

Living tiny means living sustainably, taking only want is needed and no more. It means being free from debt, free to do the things in life I want to do  

-Susan Lord

It really means that I FINALLY really would be doing something FOR MYSELF A REAL PLACE TO CALL MY VERY OWN HOME and it would last for the rest of my life that I can keep doing what I do best “CAREGIVING” and today is my birthday what a gift that would be the plans to build my OWN!!!!

 -Cookie Grayson

I’m divorced and 60 years old (no children), and a tiny home will mean a mortgage-free home that is beautiful, functional, has a tiny environmental footprint, and will allow me and my two small dogs (Maltese) to have our own home in a lovely rural location. I will be able to retire when the time comes and be able to have a decent standard of living, a good quality of life, do volunteer work and be useful to my community. Life doesn’t get any better than that!  

-Maria Puente-Duany


A tiny house will help me maintain my independents as long as possible. It is the perfect size for myself and my service dog, Kodi

-Rhia Drouillard


I have been dreaming about a tiny home for years. It is my best hope for ever having a home of my very own. For now, I dream…and continue to pare down belongings 


A tiny home means a happier, healthier, simpler life with more time to be involved in the community  


-Michele Cote Steele

A tiny home means financial freedom + more time with my husband and animals + more time to learn self-reliance + build a homestead = happy life! 


It means I finally get to move my babies and husband to live on our property on the ocean to live and learn to live before they are too old to appreciate it  



A tiny home means financial stability. To me, a tiny home means simplicity. The ability to lead a fulfilling life having only the things that are necessary (food, water, shelter,) without taking a plunge financially. To go out and be a part of the beauty of nature and to really experience it. To see the world, live off the grid, and travel  


Freedom to do more of the things I LOVE!

-Mel Vanzuiden

A tiny home is a simple vacation paradise that everyone special to me can enjoy!  

-Victor Lundberg

A happy future #tinyU

-Natalie Brennan

16 Responses to What Does a Tiny Home Mean to You? #tinyU

  1. vina lustado April 22, 2014 at 2:50 am #

    tiny means living a life of integrity and authenticity.

  2. Pam M. April 22, 2014 at 8:47 am #

    The freedom to be me.

  3. Rachael April 22, 2014 at 9:03 am #

    Having a tiny home means my fiance and I can focus on what’s truly important to us and remove the clutter from our lives. We will be able to travel, see the world, and make memories on a regular basis instead of only once every few years!

  4. Sara Hall April 22, 2014 at 9:27 am #

    I am SO happy for the couple who won the hOMe plans. While I selfishly wanted them myself, the couple who won has such great ideas and is already doing so much for their community. I am really glad they won and I look forward to seeing pictures of their hOMe in action 🙂

  5. Germán Cárdenas April 22, 2014 at 10:42 am #

    Tiny home is like a long, long, long Bear HUG!.

  6. Jill April 22, 2014 at 11:58 am #

    A tiny home means more then I have words to describe, but will try:

    I’m nearly 50 years old and raised a daughter who is now in college. Alone yet happy, I still struggle to keep up with the daily grind of a 9-5, as well as taking care of a home that is both financially draining as well as time consuming. A friend new that I was trying to get out from under all this “STUFF” that seems to have placed me on a hamster wheel in life. She sent me a youtube video, that featured a young artistic couple who had built a tiny home that didn’t have any compromises. This was your video. I spent several days going back to the video, which reminded me of the time I spent in France, when young and life was less complicated, and far more enjoyable. Where each day was spent gazing in wonderment of the surrounding, and I felt like I ruled the world rather then it ruling me. I didn’t have much “stuff” back then, but there really isn’t any amount of stuff that can possibly make up for the fun and happiness of that carefree time. You know, we have all envisioned the life I am talking about or have lived it at least once. Getting up in the morning without the thought of how much needs to be and get done, without having to go to work, but instead being able to plan a spontaneous day perhaps going to the shore, pulling out an easel for the first time in order to create a masterpiece. Or perhaps, being able to dig and plant that little garden some of us dream about keeping one day. Without worrying about time, while spending the night looking at the stars and trying to figure out how many light years away a certain one is, or when it burnt out, and perhaps we are just seeing it because the light it just now getting to us? To be able to have the time needed to be creative in every aspect of life, and think beyond maintaining “stuff” is what I think everyone aspires for. I’m not sure why it took me so long, perhaps a late bloomer, but I’m learning that a little can go a long way, less material is far more rewarding. Your video helped.

    I’d like to retire from my job within the year and start working on my tiny house. As I write this, I have already given most of my unnecessary belonging to the Mission as well as to random single parents on Craigslist. I still have more things left, but with each step, I’m one step closer to the dream. The long term goal is to secure a piece of property near my daughter. I’ve had my eye on a place that already has a well, and septic tank and is within a zone that tiny homes on wheels are welcome. Next step is to trade in my car for a strong enough truck that will pull my tiny home when need be.

    About me and some of the charitable contributions both myself as well as my daughter have made to society: My daughter is a full time honor student in California, who is earning her own way through college towards a degree in Music and Art history. We both have volunteered in our community at the local Habitat for Humanity store here in Washington State. We enjoyed our time working together on weekend and miss each other greatly, but both know this is the time she needs in order to have her own independent goals and ambitions. We are planning to live near each other within the year, and your tiny home is exactly the lifestyle and design plan towards what I am working on. Eventually I would like to build a few of these on the same property, and help single mothers in times of need. A safe place for them to go with their children when life gets way too overwhelming. I feel life can be challenging for two parent households, and almost impossible for single parents. I hope to give them inspiration towards their uncomplicated tiny home.

    • Gabriella April 22, 2014 at 12:04 pm #

      Oh my gosh…literally wiping the tears away. You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  7. Laura Barnes April 22, 2014 at 2:20 pm #

    The tiny life for me will let me FLOURISH and HAVE a LIFE! All my life I’ve just been SURVIVING. I’ve raised three children as a single parent, delivered newspapers for 365days a year for nineteen years, was not being a consumer and I still don’t have a dime to show for it. I feel like an udder failure. The system is not sustainable so I’m taking the tiny way out.
    WOOT WOOT!!!

  8. Vince April 22, 2014 at 8:06 pm #

    A tiny home would be my radar. It would be a valuable tool helping me find what I want and where I want to be in the world.

  9. Arlene April 25, 2014 at 1:03 am #

    I designed and finished building my tiny home 7 years ago. I remember sharing emails with Jay Schafer as he was building his first tiny home. I never had any idea tiny homes would become so common. I understand why though. Having lived the tiny lifestyle for so many years now I can’t even imagine any other life. I am the happiest I’ve ever been and I consider my home my sacred refuge! I hope all those who have the desire for a tiny home will have their dreams fulfilled!

  10. Cindy May 3, 2014 at 7:37 pm #

    Well, it is amazing to me that two months ago I had no idea what a Tiny Home was. I stumbled across Tumbleweed’s Tiny Home website and completely fell in love. Since that time I have invested many hours in researching how I can build my own tiny home. This site, among many others, has been a tremendous help. Not only is there a ton of practical information, there is emotional inspiration as well. I am pleased, and quite humbled, to be a part of something that is so dear to so many people. The abiding theme that I see in all these wonderful posts is that of freedom, whether from debt, clutter, an ever frantic paced life, etc. A tiny home for me is the freedom to do just what I want to do, in a space that meets my needs. Not only do I want that for myself, I want to be able to offer it to others, particularly those who are disadvantaged in some way and I am determined to do just that. So, here’s to all of us pursuing our dreams. Luck to everyone!

  11. Ray Cooper May 27, 2014 at 5:35 pm #

    Freedom of expression done in “green”

  12. Ray Cooper May 27, 2014 at 5:36 pm #

    Freedom of creation done in “green”

  13. Devonne November 14, 2014 at 6:52 pm #

    We are blessed to own a Tumbleweed Tiny Home and have been very happy living in it. A tiny home means “freedom.” Freedom to travel, freedom of time, freedom of expression and freedom to love. We never felt so free until moving into our tiny home.

  14. Aleisha Alvacado November 24, 2020 at 7:21 am #

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