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No matter what stage you’re in on your tiny house journey, we are here to help! Join us at our Digital Tiny House Workshop and learn all about the tiny house lifestyle, all aspects of construction, codes/zoning, financing, insurance, working with contractors, off-grid systems, safe towing practices, best material options, staying sane through the process, and so much more. All from the comfort of your own living room and schedule, at a fraction of the cost of attending an in-person event!!

Our Digital Tiny House Workshop is designed to meet the needs of both the novice builder and the experienced contractor. Andrew’s grasp of construction technology, with over 20 years as a professional builder, comes through in his ability to explain each detail in a way that benefits all participants. Our goal is to prepare you with a truly well-rounded educational experience so when it comes time for your build, you have the confidence to  handle anything that comes up from construction hiccups to personal stress management.

DIGITAL Tiny House Build Workshop

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Is This Workshop Right For Me?

It is if…

You don’t want to be that person that says “How hard can it be?” and then becomes the cautionary tale on Facebook tiny house groups

You’re an experienced builder but want to learn all the ins and outs of tiny house construction 

You’ve already started on your build but you’re running into a lot of questions and challenges and aren’t sure how to move forward

You want to build your own tiny house to save money but also want to make sure you know how to avoid costly mistakes

You’ve never built anything before and don’t know if you’re insane for even considering building your own tiny house

What Will I learn?


Best Tools For Tiny Houses

Save time and money by learning which tools you need on your build (and which ones you can live without).

Design and Engineering

Start your build out right with a design that matches your needs and wants and provides a safe and secure structure.

Trailers & Road Restrictions

Learn how to choose the right trailer for your build and the best practices to safely and legally tow your tiny house.

Codes & Zoning

With all the recent changes in tiny house legalities, learn the details of tiny house codes and zoning.

Foundation Options

Understand alternative options if you’re on the fence about building your tiny on a trailer. 

Framing Systems

Learn to frame a tiny house wall system whether it’s with wood studs, steel frame, or SIPs.

Windows, Doors, and HVAC

Keep your tiny house moisture & mold free with proper ventilation and window/door installations.

Roofing How-To

Discover various roofing options and how to frame, sheath, and attach them securely.

Plumbing, Electrical & Gas

Create safe installations of major utilities by learning tried and true techniques used by the pros.

Financing and Insurance

Learn how to finance and insure your tiny home and how to navigate through the options.

Composting Toilets

Learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about composting toilets. 

Making the Move to Tiny Living

Prepare yourself for the changes that come with living tiny. Learn how to create your freedom!

Your Presenter is Andrew Morrison

Andrew Morrison TEDx talk

Andrew has over 20 years of professional construction experience and in that time has done everything from designing and building the popular “hOMe” tiny house, to working as a licensed contractor and developer, to giving a tiny house TEDx presentation, to co-authoring the newly approved building code “Tiny House Appendix V”, which will be included in the 2018 International Residential Code (IRC), to presenting about tiny houses to Brazil’s Finance Minister, to co-authoring The Official Idiot’s Guide to Tiny Houses, to hosting several step-by-step instructional videos on how to build houses, and more

His greatest passion is teaching others how to build their own dream home and inspiring them to greatness. Since 2006, Andrew has personally taught over 2,500 participants at his workshops. Through his kindness, sense of humor, patience, and ability to teach complex concepts in easy-to-understand terms, his workshops are a mega-hit amongst his graduates. Make sure to bring all your questions!

DIGITAL Tiny House Build Workshop

andrew morrison tiny house workshop banner

Here is what fellow workshop attendees are saying…

Natalie Steeneken says…

Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for the overwhelmingly inclusive, welcoming atmosphere you both fostered this weekend at the LA Tiny House workshop. I’ve truly never felt more comfortable in a room full of unfamiliar faces. I left the workshop feeling empowered, up to my ears with information, and most importantly, I felt genuinely happy. This weekend was riddled with self-doubt but with the newfound knowledge, I felt a growing sense of power, power that could help me overcome obstacles that I once saw to be a roadblock. The passion and extensive knowledge that you two shared with us all has helped guide me past the initial doubt. 

Peter Chachaj from AtomicTinyHouse.com says…

I feel like I stole from you with the amount of knowledge, information and expertise I received in relation to the cost of the workshop. This experience of learning and meeting like minded people will stay with me forever. You both are making an impact on this world, I hope I could accomplish at least 5% of what you do to make this world a better place. Keep up the great work. Thank you!! 

Becky Hessick says…

GO TO THIS WORKSHOP! We attended in St. Louis, and it was fabulous! Andrew knows EVERYTHING about building, and Gabriella is the keeper of details on anything you can think to ask. And, they’re great fun! GO! 

Randall and Pat Baird say…

Dear Gabriella and Andrew, What a “package” you two are! If your workshop doesn’t get people thinking about the potential of tiny living, nothing can! Thanks so much for your meticulously planned and exuberantly presented workshop. We enjoyed it thoroughly. 

Kim Merrett says…

Loaded with information. Inspirational. Fun. Relaxed. Well worth the time and investment. Not only will you learn an incredible amount about building Tiny, you will learn a lot about living Tiny and what that really means.

Tami Chock says…

I really enjoyed meeting you and Andrew, learning from you and all the knowledge in the room, and especially loved the silliness and laughs…a great reminder that going tiny is about gratitude and joyfulness. 

Wesley Reiff says…

The highlight for me was how you ended the weekend.  I’m learning a lot about myself at this season of my life and I didn’t anticipate expanding that growth at a Tiny House workshop.  It did in a profound way and I am truly grateful that I landed at your workshop.  Thank You.  

Erik Smakulski says…

I’m very happy that my family attended and got to be around so many awesome tiny housers. It felt surreal the whole weekend. I was seriously impressed with your knowledge, professionalism and great sense of humor! Big thank you for all that you two do for the tiny house community. 

Joshua Engberg from TinyHouseBasics.com says…

The Tiny House Build workshop was hands down the best workshop I have attended. This is the workshop to attend to learn from a real and extremely experienced builder on how to properly build a tiny house. From the ground up to the finishing work Andrew and Gabriella guide you in a highly informational and relaxed environment. You can’t beat the value either with all the goodies they throw in! 

Staci Greenberg, Interior And Design, LLC says…

Best weekend ever! I learned even more about what goes into building a Tiny House and all the issues and positives. I met some fabulous people! Thank you Andrew and Gabriella…keep on doing what you’re doing! 

Ken Lim says…

I’ve been encouraged to “keep living tiny, in a big world.”  The best part of the workshop was Sunday afternoon when you incorporated the spiritual, and personal sides of living tiny. Thanks for your philosophy, activism, and of course all the jokes!  (Portland, OR 2016)

Doss Palmer says…

I have you to thank for the monumental shift in my life and honestly attending your workshop has been the best decision I’ve ever made to better myself. 

Cory Hagen says…

Essential for anyone who is interested in building their own tiny house, and/or would like to simplify and improve their life in any way! TinyModernHomes.com 

Steve & Jenn Elder say…

It was truly a life changing turning point in our life. You both are awesome and we had a wonderful weekend. With being in construction and flipping houses we still learned a lot. We went into this in mind to start a new business building Tiny Houses but we left with a felling of belonging and a true sense of community. Thanks again for a inspiring and encouraging weekend.

Dawn M. Slade says…

Thank you for the opportunity to experience Andrew’s reservoir of knowledge and his incredible sense of humor. You two are a dynamic duo. Thank you again for such a rewarding and enlightening experience!

Stephanie Burrows of Tiny Homes of New England says…

I want you to know that I am forever changed and inspired by getting to know you both and SO grateful for all you do to make such a difference in our lives! 

What All Is Included?

 ($249 Value)




50+ PAGE DIGITAL BOOKLET ($19.99 Value)

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