Tiny House Workshops

Tiny House Workshops

Have you been wondering if attending one of our tiny house workshops is for you? We are fresh off the trail from our Dallas, Texas tiny house workshop and felt this was a great opportunity to describe what our events are like so you can make a decision for yourself. 


Participants at our Dallas tiny house workshop came from near and far and included several from one of our country’s largest tiny house MeetUp groups: the DFW Tiny House Enthusiasts! These guys have clearly been doing their research and brought fantastic questions and energy to the group. We were also graced by the presence of a brother and sister team from Haiti, a young and inspiring woman from Bogota, Colombia, a determined DIYer from Florida, several professional builders, realtors, and tradespeople. A professional puppeteer, several insanely talented musicians, a young international couple about to be married, the bride-to-be’s parents, friends we have known from the tiny house movement for years, and people we’ve been in touch with via email for just as long. This is just a cross section of the types of people that attend our tiny house workshops. 


Spontaneous high-fives for quick pick-me-up!

So, so much!! Besides the instructional part, which is obviously the main component of the weekend, we include several other activities throughout our two day events which make our time together not only super fun, but also meaningful and inspiring. From our Friday night social at the workshop venue lounge, to a scavenger hunt Saturday morning, dynamic exercises throughout designed to keep our brains in peak performance, breakout groups, and even our famous “tiny house wave”, we’ve designed an experience that will help you learn as much as possible while having a really good time.

You literally never know what’s going to happen (or who you’ll meet) at our workshop after hours!

Plus, you never know what might happen at our workshop after-hours…when you get that many interesting people together, pretty amazing things can happen! At our Dallas event, we ended up having not just one but two fireside musical gatherings on the Marriott patio. The amount of talent present was absolutely incredible and those memories will last for our lifetimes. So, hint-hint, if you play an acoustic instrument, bring it in case the venue is conducive to an evening gathering!


A couple prankster participants took Andrew’s love of clamps to the next level on the second workshop morning

Pretty much everything from A to Z when it comes to building a tiny house! Whether you’re wanting to build a tiny house on wheels or a tiny house on foundation, we’ve got you covered. We walk you step-by-step through the process starting with logistics such as financing, where to park, codes/zoning, insurance, towing, to the nuts and bolts of how to build a safe, cost effective, and long term tiny house. We describe how to frame, sheathe, wire, plumb, and complete your dream tiny house with appropriate finish materials. We also delve into downsizing, dealing with emotional stress (so you actually have a good time during your build), how to manage your time efficiently, and how to create your very best life possible. It’s a lot to cover! Come with an open mind so we can fill it with as much tiny house information as we can. 🙂


Enthusiasm and a willingness to learn unites our workshop participants no matter where we seem to teach!

Truly, we get people from all walks of life at our tiny house workshops. From those just getting out of homelessness, to highly successful business people longing to get out of the rat race. Singles and couples, pros and newbies, young and golden, extroverts and introverts. We once had a team of 8 wood shop high school teachers attend. Some are there to learn how to build a tiny house themselves while others plan on hiring the whole thing out and (smartly) want to understand the process so they can ensure their build is being executed properly.

One key quality seems to unite nearly all of our participants though: a passion and enthusiasm for creating a truly meaningful life. Tiny houses are a part of that solution and our mission is to arm participants with everything we’ve learned in our 20+ years in the construction field, everything we’ve learned in living minimally for 7+ years, and everything we’ve learned from 15+ years of living a life guided by our highest purposes and passions. If you’re the type of person that wants the same, chances are you’ll feel right at home at our workshop. 


• An incredible amount of information and tools that will help you execute your best build possible.

• A ton of fun in a lively, supportive, and meaningful learning environment.

• Your questions answered by someone with 2+ decades of building experience and who understands the right (and wrong) ways to build.

• An incredibly well hosted event where the details have been taken care of so you can get busy with your mission of learning as much as possible.

• An opportunity to create meaningful friendships and relationships with others that are committed to their tiny house goals and dreams.

Our tiny house workshops are often a global affair…new friends from Germany and Philly!

So, is this workshop for you? Only you can answer that. If you resonate with the sentiment of what we covered above, we hope the answer is “yes” because we want to meet you!! We have truly loved all of our workshops so far and feel incredibly grateful for all the amazing people we have had a chance to meet. We look forward to many more! 

To find out more and about the $300+ included FREE bonuses available immediately upon registration, click HERE


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  1. Im in the NW Detroit suburbs. Been thinking about starting a business building tiny homes for people to get out of the rat race of working hard for someone else my entire life. At 56 I want to help people down size as well as possibly starting some small house communities with shared gardens, livestock and heating possibly. Was wondering where to start have read your free work shop and plan to attend an event soon!

    • Gabriella May 15, 2017 at 11:17 am #

      Hi Terry! Detroit would be a great area for tiny houses. We are hoping to run a workshop there at some point within the year. Will also be in Chicago towards end of this year so hopefully you can join that one!

  2. Michael W Stalker January 12, 2018 at 7:48 pm #

    Do you have a 2018 workshop schedule yet?

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